Beijing plugging false married to buy a house without qualification party signed the "real network alone can not buy a house together and your wife, you have qualified buyers, she did not, then it can’t be the only her name in this room." Even Japan, housing intermediary brokers began to publish frequently similar news: in order to block by false marriage cheat buyers qualification to buy a house, the couple has been unable to purchase, no purchase qualification name of one individual signature in this room. According to "Beijing daily" reporter survey found, Beijing city has indeed in the purchase link to carry out this new initiative signed. "If a qualified buyers do not have buyers in the family for the buyer and all alone, will not be able to generate net." This is a very strong professional, has become a new measure to block the fake marriage. A housing intermediary brokers for example, if the husband and wife together to buy a house, the man has the qualifications to buy a house, the woman did not, then it can not only the name of the woman’s room. Previously, the couple to buy a house, the house on the "name" will have three ways: the man and woman, both sides. After the implementation of the new regulations, the party does not qualify for the purchase of Beijing, it can not be alone in the room. Reporters yesterday from the relevant departments confirmed that the couple in the house, indeed no longer single link net property without party purchase qualification in the name of. For example, the couple has only purchase qualification, so in the future of the real net signed entry and release of this, man can only write the name or names of the two men and women, to write the name of a person. Relevant person in charge explained that this initiative has actually been introduced for some time, mainly in order to prevent some people fake marriage drilling housing purchase policy loopholes. However, there are policies, under the measures, under the new deal, there are still people who came up with a crooked trick to deal with. "We are responsible for the network link audit purchase qualifications, but once the real couple is not down the name transfer purchase qualification audit." Relevant responsible person said. In fact, once the housing down, the couple changed their names to the registration of real estate registration center is responsible for the main responsibility of the unit into the land sector. Haidian District real estate registration center staff explained that the name changed between husband and wife and will not meet the requirements of the above qualifications. For example, she said, if you have a home, your wife does not, but you can still be renamed the house only your wife’s name." Reporters learned that, after this event renamed pressure is not small. According to the requirements, the couple changed the name of registration, the request can not be a loan to buy a house, so the general can only be a full section of the customer to be able to quickly register, the loan customers have to be completed after the loan can be renamed. As a result, the long repayment period has become the main concerns of the fake married buyers. However, banks in recent years, the "mortgage" business and another married people open a door. You can fake marriage to borrow money to buy a house, completing the name, after the divorce, and then contact the bank to fill the form of mortgage lending some money to repay the loan after alone. Even some banks have begun to offer interest rates on mortgage loans. "We have to make up the minimum mortgage discount is 12% off, and the first payment of the loan has almost the same discount of 15% off." Everbright Bank official loan staff said. Industry.相关的主题文章: