Beijing: since heating this year for free   card gas meter; the number of banks to purchase gas   – Beijing channel — original title: since heating this year for free gas meter newspaper news (reporter Ye Xiaoyan) reporter yesterday from the city gas group was informed that, in order to improve the safety of the residents of the home, the fuel gas meter this year, the city will be large-scale replacement of old gas card table, plans this year to 150 thousand blocks from heating the user to replace the new table, "13th Five-Year" period will continue to update. New intelligent gas meter will be greatly improved in terms of safety and convenience. City gas group relevant responsible person told reporters, many residents in the city home gas card table used longer, there is a certain security risk, especially the gas card itself key security level is very low, easy to be cracked." Recently, Chaoyang District gas group found boziwan area near the gas meter abnormal situation user overdraft gas, such as gas inside and outside of the residents of more than 10000 words, but in fact only bought more than 8000 words. The survey found that some residential residents have bought gas in a small supermarket, the price is cheaper than the unified pricing, buy gas stored in the card can be used normally. But in fact, criminals use gas card old, the key security level is very low, a separate set of gas sales system, through the technology to rewrite the gas card information, the gas proceeds into their own pockets. In order to protect the interests of users, from this year, the group for the user free large-scale replacement of old gas meter. The security performance of the new card is fully upgraded, and even the key level is the same as that of the bank, which can prevent tampering and destruction. In addition, the old card can only buy gas in the Bank of Beijing, the new card will gradually in the Construction Bank, postal savings bank and other banks to buy gas. Gas group will also add self-service gas purchase equipment, to make up for the user in the non banking work time to buy gas demand. According to the plan, this year will be 150 thousand self heating users in early replacement, next year will be 250 thousand from the heating user replacement, and strive to three years will be 850 thousand self heating users replaced. "13th Five-Year" period will be gradually for non self heating users free replacement gas card table. In the replacement of gas meter and gas group will also be on the user’s home other gas facilities to carry out safety inspection, such as free replacement of old door etc.. J224 (commissioning editor Yin Xingyun and Gao Xing) 北京:自采暖今年免费换燃气表 持卡可去多家银行购气 –北京频道–人民网 原标题:自采暖今年免费换燃气表   本报讯(记者叶晓彦)记者昨天从市燃气集团获悉,为提高居民家中燃气表的安全性,今年起,本市将大规模更换老旧燃气卡表,计划今年为15万块自采暖用户更换新表,“十三五”期间将陆续更新。全新智能燃气表将在安全性、便捷性方面有较大提升。   市燃气集团相关负责人告诉记者,本市很多小区居民家中的燃气卡表使用年头较长,存在一定的安全隐患,“尤其是燃气卡本身的密钥安全等级很低,容易被破解。”近期,燃气集团就发现朝阳区百子湾附近小区用户燃气表存在透支用气的异常情况,比如居民的燃气表里用了一万多个字,但是实际上只买了8000多个字。   经调查发现,部分小区居民曾经在一家小超市购买过燃气,价格比统一定价便宜,买来的燃气存到卡里可以正常使用。但实际上,是不法分子利用燃气卡表老旧,密钥安全等级很低的问题,单独设置了一套售气系统,通过技术改写燃气卡信息,所得燃气款都流入了自己的腰包。   为保障用户利益,从今年起,集团为用户大规模免费更换老旧燃气表。新卡的安全性能全面升级,甚至密钥等级和银行相同,可以防止被篡改和破坏。   另外,老卡只能在北京银行购气,新卡将逐步在建设银行、邮政储蓄银行等多家银行购气。燃气集团还将增添自助购气设备,以弥补用户在非银行工作时间想购气的需求。   根据计划,今年将对15万自采暖用户先期更换,明年将为25万自采暖用户更换,力争三年内将85万自采暖用户更换完毕。“十三五”期间也将逐步为非自采暖用户免费更换燃气卡表。在更换燃气表的同时,燃气集团还将对用户家其他燃气设施进行安全检查,例如免费更换老旧截门等。J224 (责编:尹星云、高星)相关的主题文章: