Strategic-Planning Different standards which are developed for similar Technologies in different countries and different Technologies, are named as technical obstacle for trade and these standards are used against producers. Whether it a product, or quality, or talking in terms of environment and world climate, or health and safety procedures, the aim of ISO is to prepare recognized ISO management standards which can be followed internationally and help to remove these obstacles in front of trade, climate and safety.The International Organization for Standardisation, is a network of institutions, that seek to establish standards for quality and requirements of materials, products, processes, the organization of information and management systems, with the idea that any organization can conduct business with any other, in a global market. ISO is not a legislationg or enforcement industry. ISO does not legislate or enforce regulations. It is formed of technical .mittees of experts from industry, science, governmental and private organisations who work together to develop international standards. Any ISO certification merely ensures that a management system includes all the requirements in processes and information organisation. ISO 9001 is a quality management system for any organization, ensuring the quality of products, services and documentation. Many industries require contracting .panies to be ISO 9001 certified. Some types of contracts for the government, oil industry or medical technologies are dependent on ISO 9001 .pliance. And by being ISO 9001 .pliant a .pany clearly reflects a culture of quality and conitnual improvement. This will further help in bringing more customers and more business to an organisation. Small business can benefit from ISO 9001 as it standardises the way the businesses are run. Processes will be written, documents will be organised and the basic functions will be streamlined, allowing a change of employees or management with fewer detrimental effects to overall operations. As the .pany will get all its processes documented, so any minor or major change programme can be initiated and monitored without much hassle. Another part of the ISO 9001 management system, is a standardisation for customer service and the way customer requirements are met. It has been done by standardising the factors for measuring and tracking customer satisfaction are also part of the ISO 9001 system.The ISO 9001 system also includes regular internal audits, to identify any nonconformity in procedures or documentation. These internal audits can catch small errors in processes or procedures before they be.e costly problems. Regular internal audits can also reduce disruptions from outside customer audits. It should be always kept in mind that system like ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and OHSAS are there to help, and should always be used to get the maximum efficiency from your business. Certain .panies fear that by such types of system will create to much documentation, and will increase red tape in an organisation. These are all baseless fears. The point to sonider here is that , it is always better to have your business and its processes documented to get the maximum output, rather than be lost and unaware of whats happening to your business. So we can sum up this article by reflecting on the benefits of ISO 9001 which includes Increasing of operation image in market (prestige), can act as a differentiating factor if your .petitor is not ISO .pliant, certification benfit will help your business to .pete and market your products globally,increase in customer satisfaction,reduction in wastages and reprocessing and thereby reducing operational times, determining the process owners and thereby specifying their responsibilities, supplier selection and evaluation, etc. The ISO in a Box system has been developed by Equas SmartPro Ltd, a .pany with a first class reputation in the field of Quality and Environmental Management Systems, and has, to date, helped hundreds of .anisations to achieve the ISO Standards. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: