Best Halloween Ghost place — Edinburgh – Sohu photo by Kay Williams via tourism Flickr had good for each big city of Europe haunted index ranking, Edinburgh is always among the best. Four hundred years ago, the well preserved ancient city is the perfect setting for the ghost story, and the gloomy weather in Scotland is more natural. The ancient city of Royal Avenue is a haunted castle square has been the hardest hit, burned more than and 300 accused witch charges women next generation, there have been unfortunate passerby claimed to be the poor innocent people scared out of their wits. Photo by Colin Campbell via Flickr of St. Giles’s Cathedral near the market cross (Mercat Cross) appears to be unusual landmarks, is actually in place of executions, it is said that from time to time the headless ghost hand rope, wandering around looking for his head. Photo by eindro via Flickr a multiple number of ghosts, to put (Cow Gate), South Bridge area. Put a medieval streets, because the cattle from here to the market was named, low-lying, originally had many cellar. The bridge was built in 1785, to put on the cross, from now on the road has been completely fail to see the look of the bridge, almost all of the bridge were filled into the building, only a bridge across the cowgate. Photovia Mercat tours in the bridge of "oppression", put on the cellar more dark and damp, was used for storage, then abandoned, at the beginning of nineteenth Century, the poor become criminals hiding underground city, regardless of the edge of three. It was Scotland medicine and anatomy in a period of rapid development, there was a serial killer in the underground city specifically to kill not the identity of the refugees, the bodies will be sold to the anatomy of the doctor. This murder case. Create a great sensation in English "burking," a word, meaning the secret killed from killer name. Then put the dungeon haunted rumors in a continuous line. Photovia Mercat tours first came to the old bridge, is the University of Edinburgh college to participate in the new conference. Love was founded in 1583, has been a school without walls, so scattered in the city. The site of the old school building in the University’s start-up time, through the deep solemn door is a square courtyard light green, with a thin layer of autumn sunset. One day when San Jiuhan has black through a daze to put, feel like walking in the valley, on both sides of the cramped buildings such as high cliffs. Photovia Mercat tours city has special tours such as Mercat Tours, specifically in the dark and stormy, led by wearing robes, holding candles, guide, drill into the ground from the city put an obscure small lane quest. The tour guide mostly has a degree in history, very familiar with the underground city stories, there are seemingly at random horror piece相关的主题文章: