Personal-Tech There are times when you like to watch some of the old movies that you once cherished on your DVD. However, with a modern system it is not possible, as it requires software and other modifications to work. If you know what exactly you require for a DVD rip then, it will be easier for you to work with it. If you want to take along your DVD with you on a trip, or free up cluttered space for making way for new stuff then you need to rip your DVD. For this purpose, there are many tools and resources are available that you can easily use without hassle. This article explains all about making use of the best tools that give you the DVD ripping experience. Using the tools mentioned here, you will be easily able to get them on any device and play the files on any system. MakeMKV The MakeMKV is .patible with Linux, Win and OS X systems. It is popular because it allows ripping DVDs easily to high quality MKV files. You can even use Blu-ray discs along with this program. The process offered by this program is effortless as it offers single click functionality for conversion. Once the app is out of its beta version, it will be able to ac.modate Blu-ray ripping too. You will appreciate the app for its easy to use functionality, and its cross-platform ability. The best this about the app is that it is also available for Linux. The app is capable of preserving the disc information from its source. Other information like HD audio, soundtracks, menus and other disk information too are saved. DVDFab HD If you are using OS X or Win then, you can opt for DVDFab HD. This app is .patible with your Windows and OS X system equally. It is not all about cross-platform support, but more when it .es to this app. You will appreciate this app for being able to over.e the copy protection of the discs. The app is available via shareware that gives you a bunch of features for free. You will be able to decrypt and rip to hard drive. When you opt for this app, you will find the work easy, and the process is not .plicated. It is all about user convenience and work with just a click. However, if you are looking for additional features then you need to opt for paid version that can be anything from $45 to $60. Handbrake Handbrake is an amazing app that you will appreciate for performing video encoding. It is easy to use with simple UI. Additionally, you are allowed to tweak this app as per your convenience. The best part is that the app has an intelligent feature that enables in picking features based on the destination device. The app is open source that allows you to make changes. You will be able to use it in conjunction with other features and tools like Handbrake for encoding. This app is probably the best app that is available for free for Mac. AnyDVD/AnyDVD HD If you are looking for a program that is specifically designed for Windows, then use AnyDVD or AnyDVD HD. If you want to work with Blue-ray and HD DVDs, then use Any DVD HD or else use AnyDVD for ripping DVDs. The app is capable of overriding the protection on DVD and handles unwanted DRM. Other things like forced subtitles, delays, region restrictions and DVD authoring tools are nicely handled by this app. The app is capable of working as a backup software solution. You can easily backup your movies. The app is available in the free version, but if you want the full version then, you will need to shell out an amount of $65 for AnyDVD and $105 for AnyDVD HD. DVDShrink DVDShrink is yet another specifically designed program that is good for Windows. You can rip, .press and decrypt DVDs. It works well with portable files and helps in decryption. You can even use this app for .pression that is better from any other app available. You will appreciate it for its easy to use UI. A similar app, which you can download, is DVD Rip that works in conjunction with the DVD Shrink. The process much easier when you use the two apps together. Both the apps are available for free. Use any of the above-listed programs to your benefit. You can even choose to work with the apps that are .patible with the system and work well together. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: