Black line up to the end of precious metals is expected to relay the agricultural sector hot stream of thousands of shares of the stock of thousands of shares to review the latest rating simulation trading client We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! This is due to the amount of the network (micro signal: chinalhtz): this week, domestic commodity futures, stock market rises. The performance of the international market of crude oil production due to uncertainty of dull, repetition, rising fatigue. Overseas stock index A50 eye-catching performance. U.S. crude oil futures rose after nearly a month since the dollar continue at integer points around, but this week by Russia to cut repeatedly attitude influence, coupled with Iraq may be exempted from the production data Wednesday by API data million barrels of crude oil inventories increased, oil prices are below $bottomed out Thursday Friday. The fundamentals in the uncertain stage, technical form in the short term will remain around $concussion consolidation pattern, then establish the direction of the OPEC production and increase suspicions after landing, but because of the global monetary easing environment, commodity futures in crude oil represented there is still hope to continue to be strong. The United States crude oil main contract 1612 from the main varieties in the amount of financial market data within the commodity futures market analysis: black lines this week to eye-catching, this week appeared to accelerate signs up, volume and price in unison. Coke, coal is the emergence of a "Crazy" pulled from the fundamentals, technical form to belong to the bulls on the last "squeeze" short, short camp is also kill the empty space". This situation is the performance of the end of the market, investors should be cautious in. Oil futures: last week, soybean oil and rapeseed oil soaring in a row after this week finishing concussion, because of its fundamentals in the short term there is no substantive change, can be regarded as "capital", the short-term investors cautious high. Precious metals: Fundamentals, poor U.S. data, the dollar fell, strong demand in China and india. People’s demand for hedge against inflation depreciation are bullish factors for gold fundamentals, technical form of short-term US dollars of effective support, short-term pressure. In the mid shock box, out of the box after the long-term trend is expected to continue to rise. Other commodity futures: due to excessive increases in black, long funds attitude is gradually approaching, but due to the current round of market of agricultural products as the representative of the soybean meal at a disadvantage, "seesaw" show. This week, the rise, but because of agricultural products just in the end of the harvest, the new grain gradually into the market, the fundamentals of the weak, so the overall contract is not good to do more targets. The Hang Seng Index Futures Index Futures: Fundamentals of major devaluation of the RMB is expected to continue to test this week, Shenzhen Tong, the mainland stock market strong positive factors. Bad dollar euro weak suppression index. Technical form HSI has stood on top of all the moving average, appears repeatedly, is a technical adjustment, does not fall below the point is to maintain the upward channel unchanged. Short term shocks empty, long-term bullish. Fundamentals of A50 stock index futures相关的主题文章: