Born without love! Nexus5 7 does not update the Android 7 long-awaited Android 7 nougats finally yesterday officially push, Google said it is currently limited to Nexus mobile phone upgrade, but it is worth noting that the son is not all pro, only support in the developer preview stage equipment (Nexus 5X 6 6P 9 Player Pixel C to meet the conditions of the first upgrade). In this way, because Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2013) did not participate in the developer preview version of the project, it is temporarily unable to upgrade to Android’s 7. The official schedule from Google is updated to support schedule we can see, Nexus7 (2013) in early July 2015 had stopped accepting conventional Android version of the update, the Nexus 5 is October 2015 will stop the update. Google said that Nexus devices can only be updated within two years after the Google store shelves. This means that these two devices have been unable to get the latest update of the Android 7. It was a bitter tears, the son cannot be updated, compared to iOS’s annual "support", Android really have to work harder!相关的主题文章: