The boy died of fever hospital that died of HFMD, what is HFMD – Sohu [] JINGWAH maternal event review times news, the day before yesterday morning at about 9, in front of the children’s Hospital of Beijing Shouer Li Qiao, more than a dozen families to died a half year old boy Andy (pseudonym) for saying, in front of the hospital pull banners, put pictures, paper money, and physical altercations with the hospital staff, a total of 5 people were injured by the two sides. Currently, the local police have accepted the matter. By the Beijing Municipal People’s medical dispute mediation committee coordination, the hospital will be arranged today to arrange an autopsy on the boy. The boy have a fever three doctor Andy’s mother Ms. Liu said, in August 23rd, she noticed Andy after getting up in the morning as usual lively, temperature and found the child fever. Andy Liu then to eat antipyretics, and through the warm bath for the children of physical cooling. On the morning of 24, Ms. Liu found that Andy is still in the low state, then took the children to a nearby clinic. By eating the antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs, Andy situation eased. 9 in the morning 25 days, Liu again found Andy after breakfast and have a fever, diarrhea and vomiting, she and her husband took Andy came to the nearby Beijing Shouer Li Qiao children’s hospital emergency department, "when children have a fever to 40 degrees, the nurse gave us get a fever medicine, then take the kids do blood routine examination and ultrasound examination". Ms. Liu stated provide inspection report, Andy was diagnosed as acute infection. After taking the medicine, he have a fever symptoms abate, Sharon will take children home to rest. At around 4:30 in the afternoon, Andy Liu again found high fever, vomiting, severe diarrhea, so returned to the hospital, receiving infusion therapy. After the end of treatment, Andy temperature stability, Liu once again bring the child back home, "just go home after 20 minutes, the children began vomiting and diarrhea". About 9 o’clock that night, Liu again took Andy to return to the hospital, the child was sent to the emergency room, Ms. Liu waiting in the emergency room, "in the beginning, the rescue of 5 minutes, I can hear the Andy shout mom, did not think and then can’t hear". About 11 o’clock that night, Ms. Liu was informed of children in critical condition, parents can then see a child, Liu said, the child was quietly lying on the bed, pale, lips, nose and mouth with blood overflow, was not breathing, "the child is my hand, I can only always seek they continue to save the child". The doctor and rescue one hour, Andy was eventually declared dead. The boy family outside the hospital to discuss that Ms. Liu said, after the death of a child, the doctor told her that the child may have died of severe HFMD, causes the child nose haemorrhage Department of pulmonary hemorrhage. Liu said he had not been told that the child had the disease. Ms. Liu told reporters produced another two inspection report, a Zhang Yu 09 separate 10 points that night, the child was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis infection. Another Zhang Yu 11:37 out of the evening, enterovirus (type 71 -IgM), a positive test results. According to the hospital rescue.相关的主题文章: