Breast-Cancer The researchers form Swedish studies have shown that Breast X-rays can reduce mortality of breast cancer significantly. Uppsala University in Sweden and other research institutions show The patients with breast cancer who have accepted breast x-ray, Mortality was reduced by 30% than patients not accepted. It is the largest survey on breast X-ray. The Swedish government have Provided Breast X-rays for the women over the age of 40. They want to find breast cancer in time, Some researchers object to this technology, they said it increased the risk of misdiagnosis and has some side effects on the human body. The main X-ray appearance of earlier period breast cancer are Simple Tuft and Calcification, tuberculum minus, region dysplasia and little patching phono- shadow. some women are unwilling to accept x-ray Because they are worried about radiation will damage the body. Breast X-ray examination is "soft" X-line, Breast X-ray with Limited radiation and small doses are safe. Every day we are radiated, radiation .e from its environment, including, television, .puters, etc. Breast X-rays are ionizing radiations, Breast X-ray dose is very small. Your doctor will do a physical exam and ask you questions about your medical and sexual history. This technique, known as mammography, can show changes in the breast well before a woman or her doctor can feel them, and it has significantly reduced mortality from the disease. The mammary gland soft X photography by the molybdenum and so on took X ray tube the anode target surface, its launch beam is soft beam, is suitable to the soft tissue photography. CR molybdenum target X-ray is often used in mammary gland examination and disease diagnosis. The breast inspection’s best time will be two next month after between. Breast did not pain is easy to find lesions. Through inquiring the history of the disease, body examination and other assistant examination to exclude the other .mon diseases. The Patients should answered the doctor’s questions truthfully such as Surgical history, abortion history, hormone use history, family and personal history of breast cancer, history of oral contraceptives. If you have checked breast cancer by X-ray you should provide it to doctors. Diagnosis in breast cancer in early stage and application of mammography, To explore the effect of mammography in the diagnosis of early breast cancer. X ray and ultrasonic are the present main imaging examination method for diagnosis of breast carcinoma, which are considered to be the best gold .bination. Mammography is of great value in diagnosis of breast cancer and therefore, it is preferable in clinic for screening this disease. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: