Cai Yingwen luxury car storm or cause the Taiwan authorities personnel changes – according to the Taiwan news Sohu "times weekly" reported that the Taiwan authorities security agencies at the beginning of 2016 to purchase 9 new cars Audi A8L secret police cars, not because the leaders of the Taiwan region Cai Yingwen car also incorporated the procurement operations, but to the 2017 annual budget of NT $25 million budget for the purchase of top plates the car, let Cai Yingwen back on the "rich girl love to blame". It is understood that the person in charge of security agencies to the Taiwan authorities for re-election of Yang Guoqiang, most likely because of this incident in advance to step down; as the new head of candidates, is the formation of Wang Xitian and Lu Xiaorong hutch competition. Based on the necessity of vian from ninth to thirteenth, Ren Ren Taiwan earth leaders, the team were in accordance with the special tasks to procurement leaders safety car, also known as "the leaders of the car". Chen Shuibian, Ma Ying-Jeou and other leaders including former Taiwan area whether to choose Lincoln or BMW label, will purchase 1 special car plates, the rest are police cars, office of the leaders are fully respect the Taiwan authorities security agencies professional consideration and arrangement. The current security agencies responsible for the secret service center commander Yang Guoqiang concurrently. As early as in the area of Taiwan’s new leaders and deputy leaders before taking office, car and secret service guard team should be ready, but the Taiwan authorities security agencies early tender is to separate the two operations, that Cai Yingwen was riding a level of protection and a model of a kind of special service personnel, not a rumor with German Chancellor Angela Merkel the same cars grade. Accused Cai Yingwen after taking office for a total of 3 cars, in fact is not understand the secret vian operating procedures. In general, the 9 Audi A8L secret police cars will be used only for the northern metropolitan area, leader of a plane under the south to the local LAND ROVER SUV, originally should be the top plates in the first car and buy, delayed to next year’s order, there is no so-called "for 3 the car".相关的主题文章: