Since the reform of the capital market will steadily push forward the reform and construction of system indispensable – reporter Liu Guofeng in 2016, decentralization and regulatory transition becomes an important coordinate the development of the securities market. The Commission canceled a number of administrative approval items, to simplify the optimization of service process, to further strengthen the supervision of information disclosure of listed companies, to crack down on insider trading and the issue of fraud and other illegal acts, to further promote the transformation of market supervision. China securities industry experts in an interview with reporters, since this year the securities regulatory restructuring work is quite effective, through the promotion of supervision and information disclosure transparency, capital market long-term stable and healthy development and lay a more solid foundation. The future should be in the existing policy layout, the normalization of supervision and stability, and promote the reform of the system level and market-oriented reforms, so that the stock market to play a greater role in economic restructuring and development. Regulatory restructuring and decentralization complement each other in the State Council on decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization decision to deploy services, since this year, the Commission to promote decentralization and regulatory transformation has intensified. The beginning of April, the Commission canceled the appointment of the person in charge of the legal representative of the public fund management person in charge of operation and management and engaged in regulatory compliance or change of the approval "and a number of administrative approval, and canceled 7 administrative approval intermediary service matters. Since May 1st, the CSRC and its dispatched institutions to the securities and futures business institutions issued a "license to operate securities business and other 10 securities, funds, futures business license for the securities and futures business unified" business license ". Complement regulatory transformation and decentralization. In accordance with the law, strict supervision, the concept of comprehensive supervision, the Commission to strengthen the supervision of a comprehensive deployment. In the cancellation of the above administrative examination and approval and administrative examination and approval service matters in the process, in order to do a good job of convergence, the Commission clearly related to the cancellation of the follow-up management and work arrangements. According to the principle of prudent supervision, through the development of management norms and standards, improve the regulatory means, after inspection penalties increase it in check, to further strengthen the supervision and management of the relevant business activities and investor protection. This year the Commission issued revised "securities risk control index management measures", "major asset restructuring of listed companies management approach", the "Securities and futures business institutions of private asset management business management Interim Provisions", "the fund management subsidiary management regulations", "futures investor protection fund management Interim Measures" and a series of regulations, while decentralization, for all types of market participants to implement comprehensive supervision, to escort the healthy development of capital market stability. Wu Xiaoqiu, director of the Institute of Finance and securities, Renmin University of China, said the Commission for the most recent period of regulatory reform to give a high degree of evaluation. He thinks, must focus on the stock of assets (listed companies) and the information disclosure of listed companies, this is also the focus of regulatory, legal basis of insider trading, market manipulation and fraud strict supervision. Market transparency is the regulatory focus from the implementation effect, decentralization and regulatory transformation on improving the supervision efficiency and increase the transparency of the market was significantly better for;相关的主题文章: