Winter capital, giant monopoly, but outbound entrepreneurial opportunities are emerging Sohu technology + small table new media reporter Zhou Dan edit Xiangde attack giants monopoly and price competition, project losses, the number of outbound startup mass death, but still could not prevent more capital and entrepreneurs into the. Whether tourists, or entrepreneurs, I believe the mobile Internet era must be able to produce more innovative companies to provide better, more personalized travel experience, especially in the field of outbound travel. The cruel reality is that in the second half of 2015, with the entire Internet venture was winter, death, financing failure and other words shrouded, a big wave of outbound tourism projects fell on the road of rapid expansion. Travel startups fall since 2016 (source – Sina Technology) Wang Jianlin said, tourism investment in Chinese there is still much room for growth, is one of the best investments, this is for the big game player. For startups, this is one of the highest mortality areas. Do poineering work in this field, to the point where innovation is inserted in order to survive, and even in the giant cracks in vigorous growth? Which companies are tearing apart the details of the giants to build their own barriers to competition? Investment institutions and how to capture the vitality? Lazy cat travel founder Zhao Jun, Gobi venture partner Jiang Tao, founding partner of Hu Weidong, Yu left the capital to the United States travel CEO Wang Peng and other investors and entrepreneurs about their survival and struggle of the story to the little table, and capture the logic of a slim chance of survival. Burn 1 million a month, accumulated more than ten years of outdoor experience, Zhao Jun started doing business in the past three years overseas free. But the establishment of cat during the trip, Zhao Jun never thought that one day he will also use the burn subsidies strategy. The first half of 2015, in the tide of price subsidies, joined the battle cat travel. Most of the time, once a month to travel up to 10000, sniper attack game player burn. The cat travel founder Zhao Jun at that time, Ctrip, the way cattle and with the way to raise a lot of money, were as high as $1 billion 100 million, $500 million and 6 billion yuan. After obtaining a lot of financing, subsidies, cheap, Carnival has become the key words online travel. "We’re all fighting subsidies. We’re scared." Recalling the decision, Zhao Jun somewhat helpless, "we take too much money, for fear of the market is taken, we have to come up with limited ammunition to fight." At first, this trip is not lazy "play". Unlike most startups, Zhao Jun focuses on the integration of resources in the back-end supply chain. But this investment also long payback period, some investors believe that lazy this pattern is not a Internet Co, but a traditional travel service company. The direct impact on the flow is not get financing. Zhao Jun made an example, the same scale, to take a yuan, others can get a dollar. He realized that the threshold is not high tourism industry is actually a flow of business". The fastest way to get traffic.相关的主题文章: