Living-Will Living with in prosperity was the life that you want to have. That was also the reason why you studied hard in your school days in the chosen field you have prioritized knowing it was the best for you and the career that you will be tackling after you stepped out on the walls of your institution. "A Seaman" that was my fiend’s thought when we began talking of our future plans when we were about to graduate in high many years ago. He always wants to have what he wanted and really strive for it. If you want to hit your goal go for it and never let weakness cloth you and hope became dim inside you. Currently he was sailing, sometimes he made few calls to us, and family too and telling us that sailing may be too crucial and dangerous. I am convinced that it was really risky because father sails too and often times it takes a couple of months offshore. I was aware of it as well as my parents do, There were times that my found myself sobbing late at night for having nightmares about fathers condition. Lately he had told us about his co-worker in an accident very late at night when they were sailing towards a dock to unload their equipment. His co-worker suffers from third degree burn when checking out in an engine trouble. That was real fast it but he was lucky enough that they were towards the dock and he could be transported in the hospital in a short period of time. Having a career was very nice but you always consider the risk around it, no body was certain that he could not be in danger or will not met any accident in his entire living. Most accident and injuries occurs during when you work was present, often times when you were not on the top of your strength. It was year 1920, in the name of Senator Wesley Jones, the navigational issues of risk, the workers calling for a response fr the risk that they were taking, and the claims that was meant to assess them in the event of unexpected occurrence. This law made justice by passing the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 which was .monly known as the Jones Act Law or others called it the Jones Act Maritime Law. This law was very essential if you want to became a part of the maritime industry, the risk was always there but with the aid of the Jones Act Law, you would be certain that somehow your not going to suffer negligence when you met an accident or a personal injury. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: