Chai Junli Gold: gold oil rebound in the United States that setback, 1330 gold does not break long Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Chai Junli Gold: gold oil rebound in the United States that setback, 1330 gold does not break long Friday night market generally go are surprising since last Friday’s payrolls unexpectedly sharply bullish gold to stabilize the three thousand mark, daily for 4 consecutive days closing Yang, Wednesday gold two test resistance near 1353 fall, Thursday, Friday Market shocks down currently, on the mark of 1330 support. Crude asphalt by crude oil inventories sharply positive impact, the highest test 4600 fall yesterday, today the overall weak shock, the US Open, the market fell to 4470 at the lowest speed, slightly stabilized rebound, rebound short evening asphalt. Today the fundamentals are relatively light, the main market mainly to digest the EBRD resolution yesterday and Delaki speech, the European Central Bank overnight failed to introduce further stimulus to the gold rally setback, decline in the dollar also makes gold prices stabilized lost the most important guarantee. Whether the European central bank or the Bank of Japan, for overweight loose space have been to the point of the market to the end of hills and rivers, the next time the stimulus measures are expected to cool down. Gold has gradually lost the shelter, the rise of space has been limited. Gold is currently on the cloth belt rail and 60 day moving average 1331-1330 regional support, uplink 5 day moving average and 30 day moving average 1338 suppression is more obvious, the market range has been determined, the evening around the back and forth interval operation can be below the author Chai Jun that if Powei 1327, may test the market larger 1320-1323 regional support, if the initial test market 1331 can do more, stop on the 1327 position on the short-term resistance at 1338, if the market Powei 1327, below the test 1321 again to do more, you can target 1328, stop loss is not too big. The evening by the United States that crude oil asphalt the strong influence from the highs, basically taking the data yesterday to bring positive gains, the current trend is still not optimistic. For the operation of crude oil, concern below 46.1 important support, the market fell first test the position can do more, stop do not need too much, you can target 46.6, rebounded to 46.9 position rebound short, night operation is mainly short; ninggui asphalt is concerned the interval 4430-4530, the operation is also rebound short, near the end of the week, not recommended positions, to avoid risks, early in the morning before closing short positions on the sidelines, I wish friends happy weekend investment! The market is changing rapidly, more about gold and silver, crude oil asphalt market analysis, real-time strategy can be added to the author of WeChat: chaijun5199 into the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: