Changsha uncle Shencanzhijian sold 5 yuan a pack of wild jujube 8 years before the original title: selling price jujube him for eight years, is not the price of a micro-blog led reporters to find a piece of jujube uncle daughter honors to the college entrance examinations, he worked hard and relieved right leg three disability, Yu Jianhua insisted on riding a bicycle every day to sell jujube slices. Changsha evening news reporter Wang Na photo Changsha evening news yesterday (September 22nd), the "child point" issued a micro-blog said "this is the uncle in Confucious’temple to sell jujube ping. Wild jujube slice is delicious! I am the first, He Long and areca in selling his bicycle riding old phoenix. I’m a senior. He sells sour jujube in Confucious’temple, or this old phoenix car. His right leg disabled, but every day riding a car to sell wild jujube pieces, with meager income for his daughter to read the senior three test university." Micro-blog caused widespread concern. Who is the "uncle of sour jujube"? What’s the story behind it? According to the online clues, the reporter found this "wild piece uncle", his name is Yu Jianhua, from Ningxiang Hui Tang Zhen Jin rural. 5 yuan a package of sour jujube 8 years did not rise in price, 3 p.m., Changsha subway line 1 South Gate Station 2 entrance near, "wild jujube uncle" Yu Jianhua bicycle stop, legs and feet inconvenience, he leaned in the end of the car, side tally, and past acquaintances said hello. From the beginning of selling jujube tablets in Dong Tang, and later moved to the south gate, 8 years, the South Gate of sugar oil Baba from the past a dollar rose to two dollars, Yu Jianhua has been the jujube 5 dollars a pack. "The people buying some mother-in-law Xijie and middle school students, they love to eat, I will not adhere to the price, as long as they eat good benefits." Yu Jianhua said with a smile. In July 1980, Jiangxi tungsten mine factory work Yu Jianhua was the stone rolled down the hill at three right leg disability, at the age of 17, he had to return home to recuperate. Soon, optimistic and cheerful Yu Jianhua will re stand up, began to learn to do a small business. In 1997, Yu Jianhua Changsha came from Ningxiang, began to stall selling water and drinks in the east pond, which is sold for nearly 20 years. Daughter excellent results, ranking top five talking about her daughter, Yu Jianhua is full of relief, he told reporters, daughter high school this year, good results, each examination is almost in the top five grades. "Daughter is very sensible, never open mouth for money." Yu Jianhua told reporters, sell wild jujube piece can barely for her daughter to school. Know the difficulties at home, daughter never ask for money at home, eating and dressing can always save the province. "As long as she wants to read, I’ll keep it going."." Yu Jianhua told reporters that the ideal university for girls is Tsinghua University, Peking University and Fudan university. Full support for her daughter is Yu Jianhua’s simplest idea. If you also want to help this energetic Chinese good father, please contact Yu Jianhua’s phone number 15580975009. (Changsha evening news reporter Wang Na): [] the video shoot off brother Shencanzhijian on winter potato selling roasted sweet potatoes

长沙大叔身残志坚卖酸枣片 5元一包8年未涨价原标题:卖酸枣片,他八年不涨价一条微博引发记者寻找“酸枣片叔叔” 女儿成绩优异要考大学,他辛苦又欣慰右腿三级伤残,喻建华却坚持每天蹬自行车卖酸枣片。 长沙晚报记者 王娜 摄长沙晚报讯 昨日(9月22日),网友“点伢子点”发布一则微博称“这是在文庙坪卖酸枣片的叔叔。酸枣片超好吃!我初一,他骑着老凤凰自行车在贺龙卖水和槟榔。我高三了,他在文庙坪卖酸枣片,还是这破旧的凤凰车。他右腿残疾却每天骑着车卖酸枣片,用微薄收入供女儿读高三考大学。”微博引发广泛关注。这位“酸枣片叔叔”是谁?背后又有什么故事?根据网上线索,记者找到了这名“酸枣片叔叔”,他叫喻建华,来自宁乡灰汤镇金农村。5元一包酸枣片8年未涨价下午3时,长沙地铁1号线南门口站2号出入口附近,“酸枣片叔叔”喻建华将自行车停下,腿脚不便的他靠在车尾一边理货一边和过往的熟人打招呼。从最开始在东塘卖酸枣片起,到后来搬到南门口,8年了,南门口的糖油粑粑从过去的一块钱一个涨到了两块钱,喻建华的酸枣片却一直是5块钱一包。“买的人大多是些婆婆娭毑和长郡中学的学生,他们喜欢吃,我就坚持不涨价,只要他们吃得实惠就好。”喻建华笑着说。1980年7月,在江西某钨矿厂做事的喻建华被山上滚落的石头砸成右腿三级伤残,17岁的他只好回乡养伤。很快,乐观开朗的喻建华便重新“站”了起来,开始学着做小生意。1997年,喻建华从宁乡来到长沙,开始在东塘摆摊卖水和饮料,这一卖就是近20年。女儿成绩优异排名年级前五说起女儿,喻建华满是欣慰,他告诉记者,女儿今年高三,成绩很好,每次考试几乎都在年级前五名。“女儿很懂事,从来不张口要钱。”喻建华告诉记者,卖酸枣片只能勉强供女儿上学。知道家里困难,女儿从来不问家里要钱,吃饭穿衣总是能省则省。“只要她想读书,我就会一直供下去。”喻建华告诉记者,女儿的理想高校是清华、北大和复旦。全力支持女儿是喻建华最朴素的想法。如果你也想帮助这位充满正能量的“中国好父亲”,请联系喻建华的电话15580975009。(长沙晚报 记者 王娜)视频推荐: 【拍客】地瓜哥身残志坚 寒冬跪地卖烤地瓜相关的主题文章: