Chapter results like Holland Fujian villagers flesh collectors new network to provide guarantee in court costs 20 September, Xinhua news agency, Hague (reporter Liu Fang) by the Fujian Commission, villagers in Holland results in Chapter recourse lawsuit agents like the flesh of 20 confirmed, the defendant, Holland collector Oscar van overeem? To the court by the plaintiff Fujian villagers court expense guarantee requirements, the court will make a ruling in mid October. Lawyer Yang? Holt Hey J’s Holland Haoda international law firms responsible for litigation acting case in Holland. Holt Hey J said: "this means that Van O Flimm will respond. At this stage in the proceedings, Fanao Fromm has yet to answer questions from real cases." Holt Hey J told reporters: "Van O Flimm with the evidence and experts involved in the factors that led to the complexity of the case on the grounds that the requirements of villagers in Fujian provide for the amount of 25 thousand euros (1 euros, about 7.45 yuan) court expense guarantee. We believe that the defendant’s request for the plaintiff to provide the court fee guarantee amount is too high, should be reduced to 3000 to 4000 euros." Holt Hey J said: under normal circumstances, in the court of Holland, if the plaintiff is not signed with the court of Holland in the implementation of the court judgment of the agreement, the defendant will be required to guarantee the court fees. This is reasonable." Haoda international law firm, in Holland, the cost of litigation and court related costs are two concepts. The cost of the court is usually between 600 and 4000 euros, which is usually borne by the losing party. Litigation related costs refer to the cost of lawyers and other expenses, the court will be based on the length of the proceedings and the complexity of the procedure, the judge ruled that the loss of part of the party to pay the winner of this expenditure. Haoda international law firms have been made to the court, as the court ruled that the plaintiff to provide court security for costs, Fujian villagers can be court guarantees in law agency bank account. Fujian villagers may also choose to deposit the security of the notary’s bank account, or issue a bank guarantee. If the claim is rejected by the court, the security will be used and used only to pay court fees, such as the court’s judgment, and so on. Chapter six was the flesh like public jointly owned in the township of Fujian province Yangchun Datian County of Sanming City Wu Village and Dong Pu Cun shines hall was dedicated in thousands of years, in December 15, 1995 found stolen. In March 2015, the Buddha caused widespread concern in Hungary on display, collectors Van O Flimm immediately withdraw. After the return of the negotiations, Van O Flimm proposed Fujian villagers can not accept the conditions. Last November, in Dongpu village and village committee on behalf of all the villagers authorized Dutch team of lawyers to recourse action. At the end of May this year, the international law firm on behalf of Fujian Haoda villagers sued van overeem himself and his name in the same address registered companies. In the appeal of the villagers pointed out that the defendant purchased the behavior of the body is not a bona fide acquisition, in accordance with the laws of Holland also have no right to have the remains of others contained in the buddha. According to Holland after the procedure, the plaintiff submitted to the court litigation appeal documents, the defendant should be submitted to the court within 6 weeks.相关的主题文章: