Chengdu per day to eat 1.5 pounds of fresh vegetable food on the table for 5 (map) to create a national food safety demonstration city and the quality and safety of agricultural products, (the creation of the "two") in Chengdu since the implementation of the central "four most" (the most stringent standards, the most stringent regulation, the most severe punishment and the most serious accountability) requirements, for "big production, big market, big circulation, large consumption of the situation, according to the general idea of" machine substitution, the machine helps people ", relying on the" Internet plus "concept and technology, explore the establishment of food and agricultural products quality and safety of the intelligent sensing coverage and the whole universe the response system, the formation of" from farm to table the whole chain of information supervision, the whole society governance "smart food security" new pattern. Chengdu the first to open up the food safety data resources, to help people realize the machine substitutions machine "smart food security" at present, Chengdu City, the first to open up the food and medicine, health, agriculture, industry and commerce, quality inspection and other departments of the information island, data resource contribution. The data center, in-depth exploration of the machine substitutions machine help intelligent supervision mode, to enhance the Chengdu food safety risk perception, screening, grading, early warning and control ability, provide the basis for government decision-making, and provides an opportunity for enterprises to improve technology, provide the channel for the public to meet the right to know, in order to achieve food safety social cohabitation. "Chengdu annual consumption of fresh vegetables 4 million 500 thousand tons per day, about 1.5 pounds", this is the latest statistics of the Chengdu municipal agricultural commission. Fresh vegetables are public standard meals, relates to everyone’s health. Status is so important, how to protect security? Do you know that Chengdu is "the world delicacy of all", you know that Chengdu is a big city of food consumption, but you may not know, Chengdu in the implementation of "food safety wisdom" in the context of a cabbage to climb the table, need to "win glory in battle". A production quality (micro-blog) location: Dujiangyan city vegetable quality safety inspection before implementation of marketing alliance from the source control risk in Dujiangyan vegetable quality and safety in the greenhouse in the league, a line of cabbage seedlings from the soil out of the head. The growth of public concern, especially the fertilizer and pesticide application link. They are raising the scale of production and management of vegetables in Dujiangyan, the main body of the formation of a regional mutual aid organizations, called vegetable alliance. Alliance with the company + professional cooperatives + professional big run mechanism, now has a total of 44 members, of which 1 agricultural companies, professional cooperatives, planting large family of 33. First, we will be based on market research analysis, to determine the year varieties, co-ordinate the organization of seedlings." Vegetable alliance chairman Kuai Shijun said that the alliance to take the way to buy seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other inputs, reduce production costs, the good source". When distributed to growers of cabbage when mature, vegetable production base of union members launched random sampling, inspection of pesticide residues, established before the pin detection system, the detection of substandard products, may not be listed for sale, and the withholding of deposit, the two year inspection unqualified, termination of membership. This controls the quality risk of agricultural products from the source. At the same time, members of the production of information files into the unified quality and safety traceability system of agricultural products in Dujiangyan, a small cabbage production can be achieved throughout the table相关的主题文章: