A reminder: University of Chile Chile round reversal end forecast analysis team in 7 matches [Chile] A: University of Chile football vs aodasi start time: analysis of 2016-11-28 07:00 game ball: University of Chile?   University of Chile on a visit Spain combined, although his team behind the two ball, but the first half Rose pulled a ball after the morale. The second half to counterattack and take control of the situation and the final 3:2 to get three points. University of Chile?   the event in 7 matches after a reversal win against, greatly enhance the morale of the team, provides support for the impact of confidence in the Intercontinental Cup qualification, the players maintain a strong fighting spirit. ?   University of Chile home court results in general, 6 league only take 2 wins, but the winning opponent is palaez Tino and U Kang Sampson two strong team, have good overall strength and unyielding indomitable spirit, are the advantages of a campaign against aodasi. Aodasi?   aodasi a league game against Palaez Tino, the team took the lead after just 15 minutes for oolong fall, but then control the pace of the game and playing the first half back after the attack quickly, enhance morale and continuing to create the final chance to attack the door, 2:1 opponents.  ?; aodasi attended the week in Chile in the League Cup 4 strong and tough after winning the team because of poor physical fitness and eventually lose, but the team also played a few people in the case back into the two ball, showing a tough spirit.  ? Aodasi Chile currently a ranked thirteenth, but the distance for the South ball Cup qualification only 4 points, the team has to score the elements, but less than the opponent in the race on the 4 day of rest, and the team record on the road, the guest is in fear of wind. Data from the Hunter: University of Chile,  , University of Chile, nearly 5 home record of 1 wins and 4 draws, a big ball rate of 60%, winning disk rate of 20%.   University of Chile, the last 10 games of the big ball rate of 50%, winning disk rate of 20%. Aodasi?   aodasi recently 10 games ball rate is 80%, win rate of 30%.  ? Aodasi nearly 5 away games recorded 1 wins 2 flat 2 negative, ball rate is 80%, win rate is only 20%.相关的主题文章: