Chinese Ocean Shipping Group Co. Ltd. was founded Sohu securities Xinhua news agency in Shanghai on 18 February, (reporter Lin Hongmei, Zhao Wenjun, Jia Yuankun) China Ocean Shipping Group Co. Ltd. 18, was formally established in Shanghai. Xu Lirong served as chairman of the group, party secretary, Wan min general manager, deputy secretary of the Party group, the group is headquartered in Shanghai. Xu Lirong 18, introduced here, in August 7, 2015, 8 listed companies involved in the two groups announced the suspension, opened the reform and restructuring related stock movements of the curtain. At the beginning of December 2015, the State Council officially approved the restructuring of the two groups. Recently, the relevant listed companies have held a shareholders’ meeting, restructuring programs have been passed by high votes. Vice Minister of transportation He Jianzhong said that the reform and restructuring, will further promote the construction of marine power Chinese, strong support "The Belt and Road" strategy implementation, the formation of the "maritime Silk Road" strategic guarantee and support. Xu Lirong, the two group will realize the reorganization and integration effect of resource reconstruction, information sharing, human interaction, industrial upgrading and the advantage of scale effect. China COSCO Shipping Group has a total assets of 610 billion yuan, 118 thousand employees, operating scale will achieve 4 of the world’s first, 6 of the world’s top. "China Ocean Shipping Group will build in shipping, logistics and related financial services as the mainstay, service group integrated logistics supply chain, the world’s leading industrial clusters." Xu Lirong said. COSCO Group was founded in 1961, ocean routes covering more than 160 countries and regions of the more than 1500 ports, fleet scale ranks second in the world; China Shipping Group was founded in 1997 in Shanghai, has been formed in the shipping industry, shipping and shipping, logistics, finance, manufacturing, ship repair dock information technology and other diversified industry collaborative development pattern. Authors: Lin Hongmei, Zhao Wenjun, Jia Yuankun, Xinhua News Agency)

中国远洋海运集团有限公司成立-搜狐证券   新华社上海2月18日电(记者林红梅、赵文君、贾远琨)中国远洋海运集团有限公司18日在上海正式成立。许立荣任集团董事长、党组书记,万敏任总经理、党组副书记,集团总部设在上海。  许立荣18日在此间介绍,2015年8月7日,两家集团涉及的8家上市公司宣布停牌,拉开了 相关公司股票走势 改革重组的帷幕。2015年12月初,国务院正式批复两家集团实施重组。近期,相关上市公司先后召开股东大会,重组方案均获得高票通过。  交通运输部副部长何建中表示,此次改革重组,将进一步推进中国建设海洋强国目标,有力支撑“一带一路”战略实施,形成对“海上丝绸之路”战略的有力保障和支持。  许立荣介绍,两大集团重组将实现资源重构、信息共享、人才互动、产业升级的重组整合效应和规模优势效应。中国远洋海运集团拥有总资产6100亿元人民币,员工11.8万人,运营规模将实现4个世界第一、6个世界前列。  “中国远洋海运集团将打造以航运、综合物流及相关金融服务为支柱,多产业集群、全球领先的综合性物流供应链服务集团。”许立荣说。  中远集团成立于1961年,远洋航线覆盖全球160多个国家和地区的1500多个港口,船队规模居世界第二;中海集团于1997年在上海成立,已形成以航运为主业,航运与航运金融、物流、码头、船舶修造、科技信息等多元化产业协同发展的格局。  作者:林红梅 赵文君 贾远琨来源新华社)相关的主题文章: