China wins the Kailai investors due to the redemption of Pakistan said money week out of iron as iron bar "blood transfusion", after the Chinese win Kailai in August by the media exposed alleged illegal and protect themselves from the financial problems of private fund raising, capital turnover and trap dilemma. At present, has been unable to pay, some employees have been owed wages. Recently, some investors to interface news reporter broke the news, China wins the Kailai has suspended payment, the customer this month due to normal investment can not be redeemed, are required to renew for three months. Another huawin Kailai internal staff said that some employees are owed wages. Why China win Kailai salesman is given by the company with outstanding expenditure is not proportional". One investor told reporters around the interface, several friends should expire in September of investment, are required to renew for three months. Renewal period, China wins the promised annual yield of 20%. The investor’s own investment will expire on October, the clerk told him that the payment is delayed because many people retire, cash and expenses is not proportional. As for the investment he will expire in October, the salesman assured him that "no problem". At the same time, circulated on the Internet two documents, confirms the view of investors. In September 15th, China issued "on the Kailai win since September 16, 2016 will no longer accept early redemption notice", from September 16th to December 31st, China won Kailai no longer accept fund redemption application; redemption request has been accepted before September 16th, strict compliance with customer contracts, guarantee the customer credit transfer (Redemption) the deadline in three month. Finally referred to, such as the customer to find their own creditor assignee, you can apply for transfer procedures at any time." For this month the normal maturity of principal and interest of the customer’s return, the solution is given delay three month payment, and promised to postpone during the year of 20% per annum. "According to the contract expiration date postponed, each customer return of principal due to the longest 3 months; extended period, the expected annual yield in each corresponding interest return on return rates (less than 1 months, the expected annual yield of 20%, according to the day of interest)." According to the chairman Bai Zhiming (Bai Danqing) interpretation, China wins the Kailai cash flow has been a problem. On the one hand is due to the early part of the customer early redemption, Huaying Kailai using the company’s liquidity and risk reserve customer repurchase claims, resulting in a substantial loss of liquidity; on the other hand is a project lending last year failed to return to normal. Bai Zhiming in the "letter to a customer" said: "since the media storm occurred in August, part of the customers affected by false information, investment confidence in the contracts under the proposed fund redemption application, China wins the Kailai for humane considerations the use of corporate liquidity and risk reserve customer repurchase right way to maximize the redemption of the customer request, but also led to a large loss of liquidity. At this time, the project failed to early September of last year and I formed the relationship between debt debtor originally will expire on September 1st the instant arrival, unable to return the loan of 1 years ago.相关的主题文章: