Chinese media executives like Wuhan Garden Expo: livable model – Beijing, China News Agency, Wuhan, September 16 (reporter Zhang Qin) "I did not expect such a beautiful park was a garbage dump!" 16, consisting of 19 countries, 29 Chinese high-level media interview delegation in Wuhan Garden Expo, when learned old landfill has now become the city "green lung", have greatly. According to reports, the Wuhan Park covers an area of more than and 200 hectares, 14 in the 15 years ago, is Asia’s largest single landfill landfill site — chrysostom. Now, walk in the picturesque garden Expo, it is hard to imagine this was a stinking sewers, garbage accumulated more than 5 million cubic meters of garbage mountain. The rest of the concrete mixer, into a "rockery stone"; color of old tires, a leisure chair; abandoned steel building materials, the garden bridge incarnation…… Strolling in the garden, everywhere "treasure" scenery to interview a delegation of interest. "I can’t see how it used to be a dump!" Interview on the way, Argentina "new weekly", President Qiu Zhengyu said, Wuhan Garden Expo Garden City Chinese concentrated essence, characteristic. That the successful construction of Wuhan Garden Expo, not only solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by landfill, the release of "eco bonus" is changed to more than 10 residents living nearby. South Africa 365 network editor in chief Wu Qinjian said, the Garden Expo reflects the "people-oriented" design concept, people get the benefits in the construction of ecological civilization, this kind of practice is worth affirmation. Russia’s "dragon" director Li Shuangjie believes that the landfill turned the city park, Wuhan park is a model of the mainland city of ecological civilization construction Chinese at present, not only will China, more developing countries play an exemplary role in city development. It is reported that in May 28, 2016, during the 8 months of the tenth Chinese International Garden Expo Closing Ceremony in Wuhan, Jiangcheng Garden Expo as Wuhan’s largest city park is permanent. The park, built on a garbage mountain, is not only a "decadent", but also won the "C40 City Award" at the 2015 world climate conference in Paris, france". (end)相关的主题文章: