Chittagong Hospital Director Tian Geng to carry out national health maternity hospital lecture – Sohu in order to appeal to the premature maternal maternal attention in preterm infants, reduce health problems caused by premature births, improve health care workers for preterm premature infants to improve cognitive level, health status and quality of life in November 22, 2016, opened by the Jilin state health maternity hospital invited Jilin University Second Hospital of Obstetrics and gynecology doctors Tian Geng teacher development the "guide" the clinical diagnosis and treatment of premature infants special lectures to the hospital for the doctor and related staff. Tian Geng teacher after graduation has been engaged in gynecology and obstetrics clinical, research and teaching work, has a profound professional knowledge and rich clinical experience, also have their own unique insights in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of premature infants. In this lecture the teacher Tian Geng mainly from international in premature to define the time, the incidence rate of premature birth, premature birth, premature birth, fetal effects on classification of premature high risk population, preterm birth prediction method and the diagnosis and prevention of preterm infants and so on several aspects in detail for everybody. Concerned about the risk of premature birth, to ensure the health of preterm birth may occur in any prospective mother, but some mothers have a higher probability of occurrence. Mr. Tian Geng pointed out the following situations in this lecture, you need to pay special attention to: 1 multifetal pregnancy; 2 had a history of preterm birth; 3 uterine or cervical congenital abnormalities; 4 daily habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol and illicit drug use; 5 mothers physical and psychological burden is too large 6 mothers; physiological status problems, such as premature rupture of fetal membranes, cervical infection, vaginal infection, venereal diseases and other infections, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, blood coagulation dysfunction and pre pregnancy underweight, obesity. Pay attention to preterm infants, from the beginning to understand the teacher Tian Geng in this lecture pointed out that premature birth will threaten the healthy baby, so mothers must pay attention to prevent premature, in case of premature signs must immediately go to the doctor. Premature birth can cause the brain to develop slowly, resulting in lower IQ, poor social skills. Due to the immaturity of the brain, may also cause cerebral palsy, affecting IQ, which is more common after a premature birth sequelae. It can be seen that this problem can not be ignored preterm birth, understanding the impact of premature birth to the baby in order to better prevent premature birth from the root. Concerned about the health of premature infants, is the responsibility of each family and health care workers. Continue to learn, strengthen the construction of medical team to do a good job of medical quality, is the expectations of patients and their families, but also the responsibility of medical staff. Medical quality is the core element of medical technology, strengthen the training of professional and technical personnel. It is important for clinicians to learn about the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of premature infants. To participate in every medical staff, have benefited from a new understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of premature infants, in professional knowledge, but also enhance the medical staff after work in confidence, work play a positive guiding significance.相关的主题文章: