Chronic-Illness I had nothing to .pare with the original symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and it was the family Doctors diligence in suspecting that there was more to my constant lethargy, and headaches, that finally led to specialists diagnosing the illness Despite popular understanding to the contrary this illness is not only treatable but also curable. But it was a rocky journey over five years, from diagnosis, treatment, to eventually signing off with a clean bill of health Although I had wrestled and over.e the beast, I was aware that someday in the future something could trigger off the illness all over again. However, three years down the road, I still wasnt prepared and missed the tell tale signs once again I think what triggered off the condition once more, was contacting a chest infection, and leaving me with fibrous scarring of the lung, which restricts breathing on any physical exertion. However, the condition did not worsen and I settled for six months checks with specialists to monitor the condition. I mention this only that I may be forgiven for missing the signs of a possible relapse of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although I had recovered from the chest infection, I was still experiencing the feeling of exhaustion without any reason, dull headaches, difficulty in concentration etc But once realisation that these were the type of symptoms that led to the original diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I didnt want to take any chances and set out on a self recovery regime based on the original treatments for the Chronic Fatigue Illness, but this time without medication, which were based on antidepressant to help to regularise sleep patterns Here are some self-help steps taken to assist the recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This is a disciplined approach with no set time scale for recovery, although estimated to take as long to recovery s suffering from the illness itself The day needed to be organised into a clearly defined programme in order to keep all activity under control in a manageable way. This would cover the time from after breakfast to the evening mealtime and applied to every day of the week. Regularising sleeping and waking time precisely. Resting during the day, but not sleep. Rest should mean just that – resting mind and body but not sleeping. Any visual input involving close concentration, such as TV, .puter, Games Machines, reading, or detailed painting, avoided until the programme became established; sleep pattern restored and symptoms are stable When trying to stabilise the condition, I found it beneficial for daily rest time to be just sitting quietly, doing nothing, and not doing anything that causes stress. Recovery time took only a matter of weeks, and whether or not it was a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome relapse, Ill never know. But the symptoms that I experienced have gone, leaving only a shadow of awareness that it could happen again. This time I will be ready I simply wanted to share these notes on a method of recovery that worked for me. A method that is based on a sound medical programme and definitely worth a Try ——————— About the Author: By: Boothlillian – Check for signs of danger to you or the casualty, such as traffic, broken glass or fallen debris. Only approach them when it is safe or when you have made the area safe. By: Ivan Miller – Cant handle the pain of your pilonidal cyst any longer? Surgery hurts even more, so much that the first few days of recovery youll have trouble moving due to pain. Maybe you already undergone 1, 2 or even 6 and this only worsened your situation. You … By: Suhas jain – Illnesses do not knock at your door before hitting. 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