Cloud adaptation by the 100 million financing? BraaS lock enterprise market – Sohu science and technology news: November 17th, November 17th Texun leading enterprise HTML5 solutions provider of cloud adaptation officially announced the successful completion of the B+ round of financing, access to 100 million yuan financing fortune venture capital lead investor. After this financing, cloud adaptation will continue to increase investment in product development, improve product differentiation and technical barriers, the construction of enterprise mobility to a new climax. According to reports, up to nearly 400 venture capital investment companies, successfully quit the, IPO listed companies in 57. In the Qing group released the 2015 China venture capital 50 strong, the morning of venture capital ranked first. This time, the morning of venture capital investment cloud adaptation, it is the fancy of its technological innovation ability and the ability of large and medium-sized enterprise market services. Browser as a Service is "Windows" in all things Internet era now, large enterprise mobile demand has begun to enter the deepwater area of business, review of information construction in the past to APP development: the development of high cost, information island, difficult to extend the core application. In order to solve these problems, put forward the "cloud adaptation browser as a service" (Browser as a Service, referred to as BraaS) of the new model, namely the browser as the future service enterprise’s main mobile application and management platform. Cloud adaptation enterprise browser specific Enterplorer can be understood as cloud adaptation through fast adaptation to the large number of enterprise applications to the mobile terminal, and the Enterplorer browser as the enterprise unified operation platform, the future development of HTML5 Web, enterprise App, and developers in the enterprise service class Web App can achieve a development, running in any equipment on the Enterplorer, enterprises no longer need for different platform development. Cloud adaptation co-founder Gao Jing said, by adapting the cloud enterprise browser Enterplorer, enterprises need from the background of development, can realize the mobile adaptation way from the front-end mobile applications as long as pure, no need to contact the original manufacturers, without changing the existing business process, the full realization of "NO API, mobile mode NO APP". To achieve this, it is derived from the Yunshi with the browser kernel technology "unique intelligence engine CARE, for enterprise mobile complex business system. As we all know, the browser is a natural platform, companies can adapt to any HTML5 application through cloud adaptation enterprise browser. "In addition to the most basic office, portal and process applications, enterprises can also increase support for WebVR on Enterplorer, VR application development, can also be in the Enterplorer to join the enterprise scene intelligent voice assistant, similar" enterprise Siri "." For the future of Enterplorer application scenarios, Gao Jing is full of infinite imagination and confidence. :相关的主题文章: