Cold start problems? Teach you the winter car note – car Sohu recently fell in price, Hilary’s popularity in the fall, the temperature around also quietly fall. The day of the Guangzhou winter temperature of thirty degrees Celsius high, less than two days to ten degrees Celsius, officially declared the winter. The South child ten degrees began to yell from the invoice circle, minus ten degrees Celsius just over the northern children still drink iced beer. Very cold flesh, a wind which chills to the bone, we need to add clothing to adapt to the temperature difference, but the car may be more sensitive than we. Allusions had said: "was born in South Orange is orange, trifoliate orange was born in the north, the climate and soil from different crops in different cultural environment, life activities as well, the car is no exception. In order to avoid the cold weather hit the car appeared embarrassed, each big car factory, car care products manufacturers also take great pains to find solutions. Cold start difficult winter may be attributed to three main reasons: low temperature, fuel gasification rate, lean combustion is not easy to cause the starting difficulties; temperature decreased liquidity, low oil viscosity increases, the engine running resistance led to an increase in cold start relatively difficult; the temperature reduced chemical reaction rate decreased the reaction in the battery electrolyte, too, at the start of the output power is insufficient to reduce the power of starter. In the online search at cold start "a lot of Harvard’s vehicle owners reflect Harvard related complaints appear difficult cold start, the main problem is the start after the car engine jitter, abnormal noise, engine tachometer fluctuation, engine failure lights, long time is after the problem is still running, accelerate the powerless and car after the start of the clutch pedal cannot be reset. This can be attributed to the design defects, mechanical quality can not pass the harsh environment of the test, otherwise there will not be such a large area of complaints. Of course, also related to car maintenance and personal driving habits. Car Buying is designed to improve the quality of life, to enjoy the means of transport. Therefore, the car should be very careful, not because of the quality of the car to buy a car to bear the burden of economic, psychological and waste of time, which is contrary to the original intention. Ford AGS (Active Grille Shutter) grille active closed system: according to the open speed, cabin temperature regulation of the air inlet grille or closed, so that the engine speed increases the temperature to achieve the best working temperature, improve fuel economy. Experiments show that when the vehicle is running at high speed 80% fuel consumption in the wind, when the grille closes to minimize drag. Ford official claims to speed 120km h per 100 km can reduce the fuel consumption of 0.15-0.2L. Professor believes that this technology can quickly improve the cabin temperature in a short time, faster in winter to enter a better working state in the north is particularly useful. In addition to the selection of cold start performance better models, we can also give the car to buy clothes to.相关的主题文章: