Comedy "magic teacher" 9.9 release Simon kidnapped comedy debut "magic teacher" exposure "Simon hijacked" fragment Tencent entertainment news by the famous British comedy director Terry · directed by Jones, "the British comedy weirdo" Simon and Peggy "violence Bobbi Kate Beckinsale, starring the comedy comedy film" magic teacher "announced in September 9th the domestic release. Today, the film released a Simon – Peggy hijacked fragments, the first exposure of the film’s biggest reversal. Super ability of middle school teacher Neal was in rival hijacking, forced to use super powers has undergone a series of unbelievable hilarious stories. From the exposure of the "magic teacher" fragment the film, "fruit laugh is full, Simon Peggy will be funny character in the end, the comic fans expected. Hilarious reversal! Simon · Peggy was forced to force in the hilarious comedy movie laugh cry "magic teacher", Simon Peggy as an ordinary middle school teacher Neal, is a work of love is not with ordinary people, when he was unexpectedly chosen for alien ability, opens up a fantasy comedy counter attack trip. Today’s film for the first time exposed Simon Peggy accidentally hijacked fragments. While Simon Peggy used the super ability to smooth, outrageous, the film suddenly appeared rival kidnapped his dog, and threatened Simon with super ability to do things. Simon was forced to use the super power, British moment long pointed ears and resembles a duck feet, and the streets also discovered a group of uniformed police wearing pink. Many users of the plot reversal is unexpected, hilarious changes using the super ability to overwhelmed with admiration for Simon. Brain hole huge! Wacky style fantasy set acclaim as in the rare British comedy comedy, "magic teacher" to break the conventional comedy "grass root: save the world" routine, through its anti conventional funny plot and a powerful and unconstrained style of scenarios, had won a lot of praise of users. Today, the exposure of the Simon · Peggy hijacked fragments, but also to bring users more incredible visual spectacle. In addition, in the film alone play the leading role of Simon Peggy, with its superb acting, vivid reproduction of a "hope to make life more beautiful" ordinary people, make comic fans look forward to him more. The movie "magic teacher" by Bill and the British film company produced Chinese Film Group Corp; import; Chinese film Limited by Share Ltd to issue; the Shanghai film company (Group) Shanghai dubbing studio; Iqiyi pictures (Beijing) Co. Ltd. to assist in the promotion of. The film in September 9th will be landing in domestic theaters, see how to laugh seance hand fried universe! (Tencent news app movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!)相关的主题文章: