Comedy variety show get together: crossover into a trend in the form of difficult to innovate the program – the data map: Deng Ya Ping crossover comedy. The program group for Beijing October 9 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Meng) recently, with the "comic story" hit, Jia Ling, Yue Yunpeng, Shen Teng and a number of comedy people’s work sparked heated debate. Following the "blind date" class, competitive reality show, comedy has become a TV variety show producer and a popular content. However, despite the ratings and reputation are impressive, but there are also difficult to break through the form of the program, the new opportunity is not much. Situation: comedy shows highly touted 2014, by Feng Xiaogang, Song Dandan, Sandra Ng, Liu Yiwei as the judges of the comedy show "The Legendary Swordsman" at the Oriental TV broadcast. With Feng Xiaogang repeatedly pointed to the ills of the rhetoric of the entertainment industry, the program quickly caused social concern, but also let Sun Jianhong, Cui and other new comedy comedy into the audience’s vision. Since then, the theme of the comedy variety show began to appear more and more on the screen, "2015" happy comedy in the first quarter of Iqiyi’s total hits over 600 million, reaching 1 billion 360 million in the second quarter Youku playback volume, the topic amount of reading more than 1 billion 100 million micro-blog. Data figure: "The Legendary Swordsman 3" hits considerable. In addition to "happy Comedy Network screenshot", "3", "The Legendary Swordsman comedy king", "cross happiness mobilization", "tonight" Paramount comedy variety show is also highly touted. Among them, the first 4 period in September 10th launched a "happy mobilization" 440 million hits; "3" 220 million The Legendary Swordsman exceeded only in hits the music video. Features: close to reality, the star of the super high performance of the crossover program and the comedian constantly polished, close to the theme of real life choices are closely linked. For example, in the "comedy story", "Hello Li Huanying" in Jia Ling’s works in travel to the past and meet the young mother, and help her pursuit of God, a series of plot process let the audience laugh, "tofu, tofu curd, tofu, Soybean Milk" plot is becoming more jokes in micro-blog but at the end, Jia Ling tearful Mother recall scene also let a lot of people moved to tears left. In this regard, the audience said, "I always felt the tears is very high, is not entirely by her daughter theme, now his eyes still swelling", "after reading really tear", "just start laughing, laughing cry, want to mom". Data figure: Jia Ling borrow "Hello Li Huanying" memory of mother. In addition to video screenshots, another major feature of this year’s comedy program is cross-border. In the "Paramount" tonight, host Venus will invite guests together to participate in the scene; and in the "happy mobilization", Li Chen cross speaking crosstalk, and Yue Yunpeng in "the tacit partner; cross-border comedy king", many singers and actors have turned comedian, full effect. For example, Fei Yuqing in the program to play again at the hand piece of potential self destruction image goddess "Carman Lee is a comedy, even lose Deng Ya Ping and Wang, Fu Yuanhui people are involved?. For the stars of the cross-border guests, "cross-border comedy king" producer相关的主题文章: