Comment: "super fans support", don’t be materialistic fans for the Wang Junkai kidnapping in order to support Wang Junkai’s idol’s birthday, Wang Junkai fans at the trench hit ten million for his airplane cruise package package subway, even contracted New York Times Square giant LED screen scrolling for him, for his birthday blessing. Instead of saying it’s a grand birthday party, it’s a contest of capital, a huge amount of money to win eyeballs, and a different sense of self actualization. "Love" is a kind of identity idol a few days ago little meat Wang Junkai birthday, fans of the "super support" caused a lot of concern. In order to idol birthday, fans do not hesitate to ditch him to wrap up the aircraft package, subway package, and even for him to contract New York Times Square giant LED screen, roll to play his birthday wishes. As to the way people be struck dumb idol. How many people understand the fans economy all know, behind these price support does not exclude individual strength, but more is a kind of organized behavior. Fans gathered through social media, spontaneously formed various "aid station", Hao powder will give economic support behind, and these sub station front are responsible for a variety of things and activities. There is a clear division of functions and division of labor, which has become an organized autonomous body. When the children stand as an idol to make a shocking event, whether it is responsible for the organization of the preceding sub station is responsible for the fans, pictures and video output fans or financial support Hao powder, even click, silently watching the "small transparent forwarding", will be in the collective gain a sense of self realization. A circle of fans of self identity reached a climax, holding together deeper this so-called "self satisfaction."". In order to give Wang Junkai a birthday project as an example, their idols can surmount the times square, "with the chip to fly into space". This source of pride has gone beyond the love of the stars themselves, and more is able to identify with these "powder" and "big" with the identity attributes of a circle, proud of the ability and achievements of the sphere. Whether it is a gift or assistance, is to achieve a recognized purpose. Because of the fans whose gifts are worn or used by the stars. Gift giving fans will make their own micro-blog to claim, and other fans also use crazy forwarding and comment to express admiration. The feeling of pleasure and satisfaction that has been acknowledged by a lot of people at this time is far more than the gift giving thing to idols. He also appeared to send tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of clothes, musical instruments, bus billboards package under these names than a big gift. "Mind" is behind the capital game and class differentiation in the seemingly equal "fans" in the relationship between the actual already standing on the inequality level, have certain skills, such as node can win – and some fans had to seize the capital rights in the fracas and in fighting. Fans group has become a copy of the real world social class relations. But the strange thing about fans is that millions of "little transparent" people are unaware that they can catch up with a big star and be in the same fan circle.

评论:粉丝“天价应援”,别被物欲绑架  粉丝为王俊凯应援  王俊凯庆生   为了给偶像过生日,王俊凯的粉丝们不惜壕砸千万给他包飞机包游轮包地铁,甚至为他承包了纽约时代广场的巨型LED屏幕,滚动播放给他的生日祝福。与其说这是一场盛大的生日会,不如说这是一场资本的较量,一场不惜砸重金博得眼球获得一种另类的自我实现感。  “应援”偶像是一种身份认同  前几天“小鲜肉”王俊凯过生日,粉丝的“天价应援”引起了不少关注。为了给偶像过生日,粉丝们不惜壕砸千万给他包飞机包游轮包地铁,甚至为他承包了纽约时代广场的巨型LED屏幕,滚动播放给他的生日祝福。极尽所能为偶像庆生的方式让人瞠目结舌。  了解粉丝经济的人多少都知道,这些天价应援的背后不排除有个人的力量,但是更多的都是一种有组织的行为。粉丝通过社交媒体聚集在一起,自发成立了各种“应援站”,壕粉会在背后给予经济支持,而这些站子前端也有人负责各种应援事物和活动。有清晰的职能划分和分工领域,俨然成为了一个个有组织的自治团体。  当站子们为偶像做出一个个令人震惊的应援时,不论是站子前段负责组织的粉丝,负责图片视频产出的粉丝还是资金支持的壕粉,甚至是点击、转发默默关注的“小透明”们,都会在集体中获得一种自我实现感。一个圈内粉丝的自我认同达到了高潮,抱团更加深了这种所谓的“自我满足”。以给王俊凯的生日应援为例,自己的偶像能登上时代广场,能“随着芯片飞上太空”。这种自豪感的来源已经超越了对明星本身的喜爱,更多的是能与这些“壕粉”“大大”同属于一个圈的身份属性的认同,对所处圈层的能力与成就感到自豪。  无论是送礼还是应援,都是为了达到一种被承认的目的。因为粉丝中有谁的礼物被明星穿了或者使用的时候。送礼的粉丝会自己发微博进行认领,而其他粉丝也用疯狂的转发和评论表达羡慕之情。这个时候被大量人承认的快感和满足感已经远超过了对送礼给偶像这件事情本身。于是也就出现了送动辄上万的衣服,十几万的乐器,包下公交车广告牌这些名头一个比一个大的礼物。  “心意”背后是资本博弈与阶层分化  在看起来似乎平等的“粉丝”关系中实际早已站在不平等的层面,拥有一定技能——例如能在骂战和掐架中取胜——和一定资本的粉丝早已抓住权利的节点。粉丝群体又成为了现实世界社会阶层关系的复制。然而粉丝的怪圈在于,上百万的“小透明”们却毫无察觉,以能和“大大”们同追一个明星同处一个粉丝圈感到骄傲与满足。身体力行地响应“大大”们的号召,自发地、有组织地进行各种追星行为。为自己参与共同营造的一种“盛世”感到自豪。  与其说这是一场盛大的生日会,不如说这是一场资本的较量,一场不惜砸重金博得眼球获得一种另类的自我实现感。  值得关注的是,粉丝群体中的大多数都是90后的学生,以女性为主。疯狂追捧粉丝的背后其实是一种价值导向的偏差。TFBOYS的粉丝群体里有一个非常受追捧的微博账号“TFboys wear what”这个拥有近7万粉丝的账号每天发布的都是关于组合成员每天的穿着信息,细致到品牌和款式都会有详尽的描述。显然这些品牌许多都是奢侈品性质的品牌,“限量款”“设计师款”“全球首发”这样的字眼也频频出现。晒偶像同款又成了新一轮寻找自我认同的途径。  粉丝群体中的大多数本身就成长于商品经济社会,微博关注的特殊性又使得注意力被粉丝集体关注“绑架”,满眼被充斥“物欲”。偶像本身所能带来的“正能量”逐渐让位于疯狂的粉丝内部的“圈层文化”。迷惘的粉丝们究竟要怎样才能挣脱这种裹挟,仍然是一个无解的问题。相关的主题文章: