Correction of bone and joint is not correct, but you are slim, good figure, lead: everyone knows where the bones and joints, but few people know what the role is, and once it distorts the wrong, it will lead to disharmony of body function, easy to lead to obesity. Always ignore the problem of bone and joint is wrong, quickly come to know it, correct the bone and joint, and give you a slim full figure! Content source: beauty female network toe wiper, one toe do automobile wiper action 1 sitting on the floor, stretched out the right foot, slightly bent knees, heel to the ground, toes stand up. The action is to press 2 toes to the right, bend the toes, touch the floor, and consciously stretch the muscles between the thighs and the heel. Lift the line action, bend the toes 3, and press the toes to the left so that they touch the floor. Swing your toes like a wiper, so repeat 2 and act 3, about 10 times. Because this action makes the thigh bone purring swing, can correct the bone and joint distortion is not correct, enhance the buttocks line. One minute of shallow water, two and one minute of shallow water action 1 facing the floor, the body down, arms folded in front, holding the chin. Navigation in this paper

矫正骨关节不正 还你苗条满分好身材   导语:谁都知道骨关节在哪里,却很少人知道它的作用是什么,而一旦它歪曲不正的话,会导致身体机能的不协调,容易导致肥胖。一直忽视骨关节不正问题的你,快来重新认识它,矫正骨关节,全力还你一个苗条满分好身材!内容来源:爱美女性网 脚尖汽车雨刷   一、脚尖做汽车雨刷   动作1   坐在地板上,伸出右脚,稍微屈膝,脚后跟着地,脚尖立起。   动作2   把脚尖向右边压下,弯曲脚趾头,使其接触到地板,同时要有意识地拉伸大腿到脚后跟之间的肌肉。 提升线条   动作3   弯曲脚趾头,把脚尖向左边压下,使其接触到地板。就像汽车雨刷一样摆动脚尖,这样重复动作2和动作3大约10次。因为这个动作使大腿的骨头咕噜咕噜地摆动,可以矫正骨关节歪曲不正,提升臀部线条。 一分钟浅打水   二、一分钟浅打水   动作1   面朝地板,身体趴下,双臂叠放在前,托着下巴。 本文导航相关的主题文章: