Anti-counterfeiting logo so Forged (micro survey), the food industry is not high technical threshold, low cost of counterfeiting, our products are too many fakes." Jiangsu Wuxi three meat Chuang Feng Bridge Limited staff told reporters that in recent years, with counterfeit products "struggle" never stop. At first, the company in the food packaging seal affixed to the paper logo, and later improved as self-adhesive, through the production of formal anti-counterfeiting product design, the registered trademark logo printed on the logo. Time is not long, the market appeared on some of the name of the company under the banner of the product, the packaging is really, but inside the foil bag of food is fake, for the maintenance of the century old brand, the company is also printed on the inner packing of corporate identity, also try to the official website and flagship store two-dimensional code printed on the packaging the customer, a scan can automatically jump, facilitate comparison. However, the anti fake label production enterprises for maintaining its own brand of "life-saving straw", but also became the hardest hit of fraud and selling "". According to media reports, this year, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Guangdong and other places seized from the fake anti-counterfeit labels by selling fakes in cases involving the amount of tens of billion yuan. Currently on the market there are a lot of not qualified logo making enterprise, will give the fake and shoddy products. As a result, it is impossible to guard against the normal production enterprises." The staff said with anguish. Reporter learned from the State Administration of quality supervision, log on "industrial products production license" system (SourcePh" style=" " >相关的主题文章: