Arts-and-Entertainment Creating the individual pages of your scrapbook is definitely the most exciting about the hobby. You get to choose pictures, images, items and other paraphernalia to put onto your page. However, with all the items, papers and letters that you want to include in your page, you usually end up confused. You dont have to worry about that now, here are simple tips that you can keep in mind while starting to layout that page for your scrapbook. Balance Make sure your design has balance. If you have a large picture on the left page, make sure that it doesnt look like it’s hanging when you put the other elements on your page. Also, if you would like to create a two page lay-out, evaluate the items on the pages and make sure that they .pliment each other. Items Always make sure that you have at least one theme in your layout. Sometimes the items greatly affect the layout of your page. So be sure that they are related. Items definitely have some .monality. Always evaluate them before designing your page. Crowding It is best that every item on your layout is distinguishable. If you put too much on a single page, the layout will surely suffer. Be sure that items are just enough for a page. Managing the page for its layout will be easier if you only have enough items for the space. Variations Be sure to make variations in your layout. If you can, make a dummy set for all your layout designs and put them on a list. In that way, you can immediately distinguish the styles that you have used on your pages. A really interesting scrapbook is one that varies but maintains a general theme. Flood yourself with samples One of the best ways to learn a great layout style is to look for one. Busy yourself in browsing the internet and .paring your scrapbook to others. When you are flooded with samples of good layouts, you can be sure that your own style will .e out naturally. The best way that you can do this is invite your friends who have the same hobby to join you while you are making pages for your scrapbook. In this way, they can also help you out in deciding what layout to make. Be sure to remember these things when you start your layout. It is still best to create a dummy before starting the real one. Just take a moment to look at your materials and be sure to ask for some .ments before putting them on your pages. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: