Deleveraging, how is the enterprise (hot focus) – Finance – People’s mapping: Cai Huawei deleveraging is an important task of structural reform of the supply side. At present, China’s overall debt level is not high, but the rapid rising and uneven distribution, especially the level of debt of non-financial enterprises is relatively high, become our country in recent years to promote the rapid rise of the leverage ratio of main factors. The overall leverage rate can be a smooth landing, the key in the enterprise, the difficulty is also in the enterprise. At the moment, what is the real debt situation? Deleveraging "go" Shun Shun? What are the difficulties and demands of the real world and the banking sector? How to leverage the needle? With these questions, the 8 city newspaper reporter recently traveled to Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei, Heilongjiang four provinces, the survey of 63 enterprises, 74 banking institutions, and face-to-face communication with relevant government departments, the real situation thoroughly, listen to advice. We will send the survey report in two journals, we look forward to common concern and discussion.   series; who   debt less relaxed, can not always put leverage, earn quick money". Some of the more financing channels of enterprises have been seeking to take the initiative to leverage in mid August, the reporter came to Shandong, Dezhou Jing Jin environmental Limited by Share Ltd. This is a press production and sales volume ranking first in the world of business, huge production workshop is clean and orderly, the workers are working overtime. In the downstream industry boom situation, here the production line is still be in full swing, the front-line workers monthly wages up to 7500 yuan. Do business must be practical, can not always put the lever to make quick money. We have proactively to leverage capacity, workers from 5260 at the peak is now reduced to less than 3100 people, debt rate decreased from 53.2% in 2014 to 40.7% in 2015, the production efficiency is greatly improved, the product market competitiveness significantly enhanced." Jin Jing, chairman Jiang Guiting told reporters, from 2012 onwards, the company found the market slowdown in growth, although the product profitability is also good, but they are not keen to expand the scale of the project, but to adjust the development strategy and production capacity yajian. In July last year, Jing Jin listed on the new board to raise funds 260 million yuan, all for the return of bank loans. The reporter saw in the company’s financial statements prior to listing, Jingjin environmental protection credit business cooperation in 6 financial institutions, the credit balance of the total 540 million yuan, the loan balance is only 80 million yuan, and 1 million yuan in cash deposits. Through indirect financing to direct financing conversion, the company can save about 12 million yuan per year financing costs." No debt a light, less debt is also easy. The reporter found in the survey, some enterprises according to their own situation and changes in the market, have begun to take the initiative to adjust the structure of assets and liabilities rate, for the future development. "". "We feel that our bank loans are saturated and will not increase any more." Executive director of the Hebei elite group director Li Yuesheng said. Elite education is a private enterprise, after 20 years of hard work, the education industry chain covers from pre-school to相关的主题文章: