DELL? Hope project China twenty-first Century youth skills competition started in Beijing –IT– August 25 Beijing Xinhua (Yang Bo Intern Zou Jing) today, "DELL? Hope project Chinese twenty-first Century Youth Skills Competition" (hereinafter referred to as the "contest") was held in Beijing, 13 middle schools, 17 primary school teams from across the country, 140 teachers and students will be in the two days of competition, show the knowledge of science and technology, demonstration of their own work, to show the children for "renewable resources, green development" understanding. In the event, from Sichuan Guangyuan Dongcheng experimental primary school team demonstrated by the creation of children’s Scratch creative works — "Domino plan" waste reduction, the students familiar scenes of daily life for the creation, through the Scratch software to monitor daily garbage total investment, and making intelligent earthworm fertilizer box, kitchen garbage biodegradable reuse into biological fertilizer planting green plants required for the monitoring of the earthworm fertilizer box using Scratch, to ensure the best environmental needs of the earthworm. In the creation process, the children independent thinking, creation, the Scratch will be applied to resource classification, recycling, reuse and other aspects, to show the importance of renewable resources in the eyes of primary school students. This contest is a public project of DELL company and the China youth development foundation of cooperation, since the project started in 2009, the establishment of the learning center through donations, develop computer skills training, and provide a modern education practice platform for free from domestic rural and underdeveloped community children, has been held eight sessions, this year the contest with "renewable resources, green development as the theme. According to DELL, through the youth learning project, DELL has donated 265 Learning Centers for the underdeveloped areas of primary and secondary schools. At the opening ceremony of the event, DELL Greater China President Huang Chenhong said: "the use of DELL’s strengths, we use the power of technology, time employees, partners and to provide a free technical training together where it is most needed for the youth of the platform, to assume corporate social responsibility." China Youth Development Foundation Deputy Secretary General Yang Xiaoyu said that the China QingJiHui area of concern is the basic education in poor areas of the young people, in 2007 before focusing on poverty, economic aid, now more and more attention to children’s education level. Dr Huang Chenhong said, "never seen a computer device from a remote mountain to be able to skillfully operate, the last group of children and a national patent. The children have a strong plasticity, in the face of scientific self-confidence, give them a platform and opportunities, they can let you see the future of china." Yang Xiaoyu told reporters, "at present, the project of the platform is a key constraint, the school is equipped with computer software, and a serious shortage of equipment, lack of innovation coach resources. DELL and the green foundation will also need to ensure that the overall investment in infrastructure." "To teach a man to fish is better than to give him fish. DELL hopes to create cutting-edge highlights of the project, through the foundation of the hardware in the concept of training programs can inspire children相关的主题文章: