Deng Chao: the secret of happiness, funny than is actually a happy Parenting Attitude – author | Baum Xin Sohu maternal mother recently, the circle a few happy couples traced derailed cheating, the only response, let the masses eat melon by no longer believe in love. Think of that year Deng Chao was derailed when a lawsuit directly sued rumormongers, domineering! "Super retarded brother for many years, the empress has been Deng Chao, never abandon" marital relationship, even in the ultra brother lead, always dignified shy of Sun Li also occasionally tease than a. But who would admit that their sons and daughters, conjugal love, career, life is so happy, only to the envy of a capital. He said that the biggest advantage is a good wife. Deng Chao and his wife interact closely in the circle is very famous. According to the director of the white Yimei broke the news, regardless of how busy filming super brother every day at least through a phone call. Micro-blog interactive more exaggerated, second on the empress. Wife love to do new dishes, he always did not forget to taste tester, I praise myself. Love "sarcasm" wife, gifts but super heart, five years of marriage, secretly spent more than a year to draw a picture of marriage, but also from the assessment of "art treasures". Don’t mind than his wife the empress red, every play hard propaganda, sincerely appreciate and support all her work! He gave Sun Li a sense of security. When in love, Deng Chao won an award for her thanks to the sun girl, and she went straight to "androgyny" after marriage. Sun Liceng because of the experience of divorce parents vowed not to marry for life, and now it is the name of the husband will be happy to squeeze toothpaste little wife. There is such a change, Deng Chao is obviously not. He said, my relationship with the child, is a friend, is a friend. As parents can be so happy love, children naturally feel happy. What’s more, the family has a father. In front of the children, Deng Chao never do strict father, friends and friends play only! Children love this big partner, ha ha, always love to bully him. For example, by passing Batui hair flowers sister rub face…… Brother and more cattle, the coffee when the end of the coffee to drink even if the father, but also know how to use weapons. Flower sister father all spoiled not resigned to playing second fiddle, adhesion. The kids are crazy, daddy’s playing more crazy…… I have seen it all. He said, funny than, in fact, is a kind of happy parenting attitude Deng Chao love comedy, love with funny than the side of the smile to life, but he will always be the wisdom of life. He knows how to build a harmonious family atmosphere. Deng Chao and Sun Li are from divorced family, so he knew the family enjoyable, children naturally feel warm. As a result, Deng Chao will have a heart in the mother’s day dedicated to my mother, mother and wife three happy mother. He knows that money, fame, career, are not important to accompany the child. So he and Sun Li, take turns acting with the baby at home, the schedule hit, take baby together, to witness the child every step of growth. The first flower sister, Dad, he tears down, when the lunar new is accurate to. Saying -相关的主题文章: