The Department of Homeland: fostering the development of new energy in the Mining Department of homeland structural reform: 23 said on the cultivation of mining development new energy China Securities Network Resources Minister Jiang Daming in structural reform, in the world economic recovery is weak background, eliminate supply side constraints, promote structural reform is an inevitable choice to realize the sustainable development of mining. According to Xinhua news agency, 23 news, here at the 2016 Chinese International Mining Conference "at the opening ceremony of Jiang Daming said that at present, mineral resources demand, investment continued to decline, prices remain low, downward pressure is still large, but at the same time, the global mining development also shows a new different changes: the traditional market capacity is relatively narrow, continue to expand new areas of development; the traditional growth momentum gradually weakened, new development momentum is formed; the traditional governance mode tends to weaken, new cooperation mechanisms show vitality. To cultivate new momentum in the development of structural reforms in the mining industry." Jiang Daming said, in the economic development of the new normal, the mechanism of China mining system is rigid, resource constraints, ecological problems, people’s livelihood demands increased contradictions and problems become more prominent, must rely on reform and lead mining industry out of the doldrums, vigorously promote the reform of resource tax system, the establishment of national mineral resources rights system, effectively reduce the cost of enterprise. At the same time, gradually opening up oil and gas and new energy exploration and development market, expand the mining rights transfer competitive areas, improve the government supervision in the field of mineral resources, clear institutional obstacles in the reform, stimulate the vitality of mining. Innovation is the fundamental driving force, mining development Jiang Daming that caught the innovation of science and technology to seize the key to the transformation of the mining industry, mining investment facilitation, mining production cooperation, mining tax policy, mining mining technology innovation, market competition, mining environmental governance reform measures, accelerate the formation of mutual benefit and joint development pattern, promote green exploration, mining, green green finance rapid growth, promote digitization, intelligent technology and equipment development and application, the new energy development of the mining industry increasingly strong. Jiang Daming said that all countries should strengthen exchanges and docking mining management policies, technical standards, industry standards and other aspects, and strive to eliminate the market of mining rights, mining investment, mining, trade, labor and other aspects of environmental access to different extents "glass door" phenomenon, oppose trade protectionism, reduce the system cost, promote the mining investment liberalization, provide an institutional guarantee for international cooperation in mining. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: