Branding Many points affect the design of a product including the function of the product; the intricacy of the product; the time to get it to market; product design, engineering, and tools used; the experience level of the staff producing the final product; the manufacturing environment; what .petition there is in the marketplace for the product; and of course product manufacturing costs. Design for manufacturing centers on a group of skilled workers with various specialties working together to identify solutions to optimize designs and costs. One way to keep costs down is to keep a design simple. The more .plexly a product is designed with and the more parts that it needs, the more expensive it gets to produce. There is a direct relationship between cost and having to produce more pieces for a product. More of these products would also have to be in stock if a part were to break down and need to be replaced, also increasing costs. Using off the shelf or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) .ponents in designs is a way of simplifying as it saves time in design since the design of the off the shelf .ponent has already been done and the suppliers are well-versed in their product. Suppliers can be used as a resource and will continuously upgrade their product. Using off the shelf .ponents allows manufacturers costs to be lessened since there is not a large inventory of a diverse amount of parts. Design simplicity is the best way for engineers to keep costs at their lowest. Often times manufacturing is not done in house but is done on an outsourced basis so there is not as much control of costs in the manufacturing environment. That is why it is so important to have the design team and the manufacturing in the same location. The design team needs to have a firm grasp of how the manufacturing process works so that it can find ways to reduce costs. Outsourcing is done primarily to cut costs but oftentimes this causes other problems such as slowing down the delivery of the product to the consumer. Working with customers and their needs may lead to finding cost-cutting options including finding an equivalent material for product manufacture that is less expensive. Another cost-cutting method is to work with another .pany to get a supply for both .panies at a bulk discount. .munication with .panies and customers is the only way to be able to take advantage of these cost-cutting opportunities. Another cost saving mechanism is that materials should be chosen that are .patible with the processes that will be used in the manufacturing environment and are .patible with the design of the product to be manufactured. 3D CAD software such as SolidWorks provides tools that allow for analyses to be conducted on designs to be able to tell if there are structural issues before the design is manufactured. This saves a significant amount of money as a designer or engineer can make the analyses and changes in the software before it goes to be manufactured and no money is lost. Another software tool for manufacturing is Autodesk Inventor, which allows for design simulation under real-world circumstances. As important as design and manufacturing are, just as important is cutting costs. In order for any .pany to succeed, costs have to be taken into account and design optimization is a key strategy that manufacturers can use to keep their .pany in the black and successful for years to .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: