Health The health sector in the state of Odisha is no longer ailing thanks to the increasing number of super speciality hospitals, with world class infrastructure and specialists from all over the country, in the State particularly in the capital city of Bhubaneswar. Hospitals in Bhubaneswar today are well-equipped to handle a much larger inflow of patients and also deal with any kind of .plicated cases. Gone are the days when for any advanced or modern surgery or treatment of any life threatening disease, people in Odisha had no alternative but to consult doctors outside the State and get treated in bigger cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad. Hospitals in Bhubaneswar have definitely made an impact in changing that scenario for the better. With a reasonably good success rate of treatments, hospitals in Bhubaneswar have restored the faith of people in the health sector. Today, Bhubaneswar boasts of having a fair number of super speciality hospitals including the latest addition to the list Apollo Hospitals, a group having branches all over the country. The other big names include Kalinga Hospital, SUM hospital, Kalinga Institute of Medical Sciences, Ayush Hospital, Sparsh Hospital, Neelachal Hospital and some more besides of course the government-run Capital Hospital. Hospitals in Bhubaneswar today claim to have carried out all kind of surgeries related to various vital organs of the body including the heart and the brain, which were unthinkable of in the part of the State a decade back. That apart, the city today also has hospitals specialising and treating a particular disease or problem, again a trend recent in this part of the State. Among the hospitals in Bhubaneswar, there is a cancer hospital – Hemalata Hospital. Even Sparsh hospital is equipped to fight cancer cases. Then, there is the Kanungo Institute of Diabetes Specialities (K.I.D.S). Although Diabetes may not be as scary a disease as cancer, but diabetes is one of the most .mon diseases that affects all organs of the body and if untreated, in due course of time, can turn life threatening. K.I.D.S is, in fact, one of its kind in India since the hospital has taken up a .pletely multidisciplinary approach to diagnose and treat all .plications of diabetes under one roof. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: