Dongyu Zhou Ma Sichun’s spell alcohol   inventory of entertainment most drunk female star – Fujian Channel – "in July and she" two actress Dongyu Zhou and Ma Sichun both won the golden horse film! The prize Feng Xiaogang deliberately sell a related child, first read the name of Dongyu Zhou, a little will be announced and Ma Sichun, heard the news after the chicks held together, moved to tears, but in the background left a moment bestie hug and kiss. Since the crew took the prize, to celebrate. A few creative open champagne, similar to a good meal drink tonight, not drunk. "Every time she fled!" Dongyu Zhou first "expose" Ma Sichun. Ma Sichun hurriedly way: "I think they will take me to death…… But today my mother, I will give the elders a face, ha ha." Then Dongyu Zhou said: "she pointed to a good drinker." Dongyu Zhou: "how come back! I have in mind. You look at my body, with two of them than? Capacity is not the same!" "My capacity but a little!" Ma Sichun was innocent, two girls and a second activation pattern of black pit mutual mutual loquacious! (commissioning editor Lin Dongxiao and Zhang Zijian) 周冬雨马思纯庆功拼酒量 盘点娱乐圈最能喝的女明星–福建频道–人民网   《七月与安生》两位女主角周冬雨、马思纯双双获得金马影后!颁奖时冯小刚故意卖了个关子,先宣读了周冬雨的名字,隔了一小会才宣布还有马思纯,听到获奖消息后,俩小妞紧紧抱在一起,都激动得泪光闪闪,更在后台留下了拥抱接吻的闺蜜瞬间。既然拿了奖,剧组自然要好好庆祝一番。几位主创共同开启香槟,相约今晚要好好喝上一顿,不醉不归。   “她每次都逃!”周冬雨先发制人“揭发”了马思纯。马思纯连忙道:“我觉得她们会把我搞死吧……但好在今天我妈在,好歹会给长辈一个面子吧,哈哈。”接着又以牙还牙指着周冬雨道:“她酒量比较好。”   周冬雨反击回去:“怎么会!我都在心里哎。你看我这身板,能跟她们俩比吗?容量都不一样!”   “我容量大但是酒量小啊!”马思纯佯装无辜道,两个姑娘又一秒激活贫嘴互坑互黑模式了! (责编:林东晓、张子剑)相关的主题文章: