Don’t be entrepreneurs sudden death news stunned in the original title: don’t be entrepreneurs sudden death news stunned the author: cage     source: public number editor attitude "and a entrepreneurs down:" rain doctor CEO Zhang Mi died, only 44 years old. He is known as a prophet in the media. The traditional media flourishing, he served as director of the press center in the "JINGWAH times"; the popular network media, he was vice president of the NetEase; the rise of the mobile Internet, he founded the turnover of mobile medical applications of spring doctor". This product got a $3 million A round, B round of $8 million, C $50 million round of financing, is now ready to split the package, unexpectedly, "that try to improve the public health of entrepreneurs with a mobile medical, health has become the people most in need". In the life of Zhang Rui report, there is a word most people move, he said, start on the road, he is anxious, thinking about money when the money, when money, want to make money. This is probably the most common life of entrepreneurs. Perhaps, each entrepreneur mouth has a high heart, the so-called culture, dreams and the like, but the original driving force of entrepreneurship is only one: money. Entrepreneurship is not to make money for that? Mouth to talk about it? In order to make money, it is easy to be tired of money. Desire is often no end, earn 10 million, would like to make a profit of 1 hundred million, on the platform to do when Ma. But Ma said that China’s most happy people should be thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan monthly income, there is a car with a family home work. He also said that it is hard to start a business, the 100 entrepreneurs, there are 95 of you don’t know how they died, the remaining 5, 4 are you looking at the dead, leaving only a standing there, not because he is capable and diligent, but probably because the other the reason. Entrepreneurship has not been successful, hung up. Entrepreneurial success, said he was not so happy. This also creates what industry? It is to die for the sins of ah, to work. However, there will be no myocardial infarction sudden death, there is no anxiety? The sudden death of Zhang Rui is well known because he is a celebrity in the circle. In 2015, 1 people died of cardiovascular disease every year in China, and about 3 million 500 thousand people die of cardiovascular disease every year, according to a group of data released by the National Center for cardiovascular disease in the year of. Entrepreneurship has the happiness and anxiety, to work with happiness and anxiety. Don’t go to business, always only afraid of a myocardial infarction (of course, a class may also, MI) always only a circle. In fact, entrepreneurship may be more happiness. In June 2014, Babson College (Babson College) published a report made by economists and psychologists "Global Entrepreneurship Monitor" reported that entrepreneurs are more likely to see themselves as "very good" or "close to perfect". On average, entrepreneurs scored two times as much for their happiness as other people. The biggest challenge is to bring their own destiny. Many of us are always running out of Hao in waiting相关的主题文章: