Don’t be so delicious! Take you to unlock the offbeat eat eggplant [original title] not only delicious braised eggplant! Speaking of eggplant, probably no one did not love it, many sister side buddies are eggplant control, eat barbecue is called a grilled eggplant absolutely not fun! Today, this roast eggplant is not the same, the combination of Chinese and western. Roast with quinoa fried rice bowl hollowed out eggplant, soft tender eggplant, quinoa nutrition, mushroom flavor, pumpkin and sweet red peppers, although there is no micro Xin, Gao Yan, but absolutely delicious! – 1 – salt steamed eggplant eggplant…… 1… 1… The amount of sesame oil. The amount of… Round eggplant washed, cut the top off, will dig out 2 eggplant meat; add salt, marinate for 10 minutes; 3 steamed into the steamer can ~ mix with sesame oil, soy sauce, or with vinegar and pepper will be better eat Oh ~ – 2 – quinoa hollowed out bowl eggplant eggplant… 1… Red pepper zucchini…..1…..1 root mushroom…… salt…… the amount of olive oil… 2G… Brewed quinoa… 50g… Pepper…… 2 teaspoon cumin powder 1 teaspoon of red pepper 1…… cut in half, hollowed out to keep seed, half by half, 2 dices; zucchini and mushroom dices; 3 wok, add olive oil, followed by chopped mushrooms, zucchini and red pepper into the pan, stir fry evenly; adding 4 chili powder, cumin powder and salt, again turn fried; 5 good foam quinoa cooked in boiling water and drain water, add the fried vegetables, stirring evenly; 6 in hollowed out eggplant and red pepper, into the oven, bake at 200 degrees for 25 minutes, then remove the. 1 medical quinoa crisps flavor is also good collocation; no 2 round eggplant, also can buy long eggplant eggplant or zucchini made of pizza ship pizza ship into the Da ~ poke recipe link. We nutrition card 1 eggplant contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. Eggplant contains a variety of alkaloids, especially purple eggplant in a higher vitamin content, can inhibit the proliferation of gastrointestinal cancer cells. And the eggplant contains B vitamins on dysmenorrhea, chronic gastritis and nephritis edema also has some auxiliary treatment effect. Due to the nature of eggplant are cold vegetables, therefore, the body is easy to diarrhea, indigestion, stomach deficiency, diarrhea symptoms of pregnant women should not eat friends. 2 red pepper red pepper has many effects such as stomach, diuresis and anticorrosion. For some people, red pepper may not be easy to digest, and can help digestion. Red pepper also has the eyesight, enhance the role of immunity. 3 quinoa it is alkaline food whole grain nutrition complete protein, rich amino acids, which are essential for all 9 essential amino acids, appropriate proportion and easy to absorb. Containing high quality protein, not only can maintain human health, but also can promote the growth and development. Stamp?? if only one kind of food to.相关的主题文章: