Don’t stare at the actual name of GDP GDP is Chinese pulse economy key U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks news Beijing time 25 days Bloomberg said, want to know the true face of China economy? Forget the official quarterly announced the actual gross domestic product (GDP) data, in turn pegged to the nominal price growth rate adjustment without GDP. Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Hu Zhipeng, chief economist for Greater China in Singapore said, although since the third quarter of last year Chinese actual growth rate dropped slightly by 0.2 percentage points, but the nominal growth rate has increased by 1.3 percentage points, which explains why policymakers have failed to take massive stimulus action. He said in a telephone interview, the nominal growth rate reflects the cyclical fluctuations than the actual growth rate. Hu Zhipeng said that the nominal GDP is a better indicator of future policy initiatives; now it shows that there is no strong demand for a comprehensive policy easing. He said the nominal growth rate is likely to continue until the second quarter of 2017. China’s National Bureau of statistics released the first half of the provincial economic data on Tuesday, highlighting China’s nominal growth rate and the actual growth rate differences. Nominal GDP in Shanxi and Liaoning is shrinking, while Fujian’s nominal GDP looks much stronger. The actual China – nominal GDP gap, the traditional GDP index is the latest evidence facing global dilemma. The rise of Internet commerce, Airbnb Inc. and other service providers, making economic output more difficult to price. At the same time, the frequency and magnitude of the GDP correction has increased, which has shaken confidence in its accuracy. Hu Zhipeng said that China’s nominal growth rate in the indicative of cyclical and structural trends can play a better role. He said that in the rest of the year, the economic downward pressure may be intensified, the government may then introduce micro stimulus, rather than cut interest rates or rrr. Editor: Li bolt SF171相关的主题文章: