Don’t touch me when I’m not here! I stared at this gadget to help someone to take care of the baby, it is a very hard thing. Do you think 24 hours refusing to leave to take care of him, lest he hurt or afraid, the little devil around trouble, or go quietly eating what candy. Heart tired… A sigh really is everywhere at once! Now, BUY home will help you find a small helper, this Sammy Screamer may help you. The working principle of Sammy is that it automatically sends a message to your mobile phone when it is vibrating. You can hang it in the candy jar or on the refrigerator, when you go home and you will eat the first child when the message is received. You can hang it on the door so that if you need to leave home for a while, you will not be afraid of losing it. Sammy is designed to help you see things. In addition to use at home, you go out when it will be possible period of want or need. For example, in the library or coffee shops and other public places, you need to go to the bathroom but no one to help you see the package, you can hang Sammy in the bag, if criminals want to take the opportunity to steal, the alarm Sammy could get him a scare. Ahem… Nip in the bud, we wish the world peace! Small Sammy method is also very simple! Now the intelligent mobile phone via Apple Store or Google Play free download the corresponding APP, connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth (Bluetooth after the effective distance of 30 meters), can set the alarm sound you want in the APP, and the sensitivity of Sammy, which is what degree of action will trigger the alarm. Be sure to use the APP to make it sleep without using Sammy, and its battery can be used for 6 months. We are the parameter size: 5.3 x 5 x 2.8cm weight: 23g color: red orange yellow green blue purple BUY index: * * * you need a help you see life helper? The alarm will be sent to others. Buy: Amazon overseas purchase price: 302.52 yuan [that you are a prodigal child! Come with us to break off, Buy home to buy buy buy! Let these small things to meet your life in the small lucky. ]相关的主题文章: