Double 11 midnight, since that is the mobile phone I understand by consumers who mercilessly slapped in the face of Sohu – tech geeks Park micro signal: geekpark dual 11 mobile phone is also full of "stench" and "desire" of the night, and a lot of eyeful zero numbers, and there are many records break. 11 hours after the start of the two, people have completed a total of 200 million pen payment, up to the time of 1 seconds, there are 120 thousand pens. For some people, 11 as new year. For some people, double 11 is like war. O’clock in the Alipay building, and as usual, the most popular mobile phone is still. In the top 6 sales in the store, there are 4 major mobile phone sales. In the first five minutes of the start of the double, they began to break billion, and then quickly break the two hundred million, and then break the top three hundred million, and then break down in the first half of the next 11. But when I see the complete list, I was dumbfounded. I guess there will be a lot of people buy a mobile phone, but different price segment single product sales ranking but I almost all wrong. In the double 11 midnight, since that is the mobile phone I understand by consumers who mercilessly slapped in the face. Glory glory glory took away the total sales, total sales and business sales of all three first, and in the beginning firmly locked in the standings situation. This situation is not like last year, last year was a stalemate, at the last moment to finally determine the millet sales champion, sales champion is the glory. Last year in the first one or two hours, Meizu also caused a lot of pressure on them. Of course, his glory did not expect this "lying" scene in the double win, 11 hours before they still look very nervous, but also some worry about the same as last year will have friends of "little movements" (brush). But the final result in playing 6X extremely strong performance under quiet a lot, they have become the people before going to sleep only announced the "broken 400 million" manufacturers. In fact, although the double 11 is just the beginning, but from the full price segment portfolio of products, this year’s winning glory is relatively large, because of playing 6X and glory that the 8 glory of the product and the brand combination has been very good. Of course, no glory in double 11 to the two explosion models of price concessions, if you encounter to Mingxiang Bo opponent, that this scene would have a look. Meizu counter ultra dispersed distribution of millet followed after the glory is strong enough again before Meizu, Meizu in two hours to complete the counter ultra millet, rising from third to second. Frankly, this before and I expected there is a big discrepancy, because the combination of Meizu this year’s product line is not ideal, is not before the double 11 last year launched a charm blue metal as out of price big Shazhao, so I thought I had a double 11 this year will be better than meizu. The beginning Meizu behind millet after at least two hours at the beginning, I think相关的主题文章: