Driverless car can quickly become the focus of attention to reality for unmanned vehicles can quickly move into reality? The U.S. government recently issued the first federal auto driving policy documents, intends to vigorously promote the development of the industry. On the weekend of the G-7 countries Transportation Department officials in Japan at the meeting welcomed. Driverless cars are gradually approaching reality. This year, the United States, Singapore, Australia, Finland and Dubai and many other countries have begun Small-scale Unmanned Vehicle test run. Driverless cars are apple, Google and other large technology companies are now the focus of the field of attention, will become the next technology companies to create the field of technology and performance miracle? The United States government regulatory escort 19 promulgated the first federal self driving car policy document to guide the testing and deployment of responsible "automatic driving a car, for the future in the federal level to develop unmanned vehicle regulation foundation. A self driving car, in short, is a computer system rather than a human being. According to the definition of the U.S. Department of transportation, the computer system can partially or completely take over the task of driving the vehicle are automatic driving. Some people suggest that autopilot should eventually let the steering wheel disappear, driving completely to the vehicle intelligent system, to achieve a true sense of driverless. The United States government believes that the automatic driving of the car can make transportation become more secure, cleaner, more accessible, more efficient". The latest security policy document issued on the self driving car, including a 15 point safety evaluation, the car makers in the completion of this assessment, in order to let the automatic driving cars on public roads. According to this guidance document, developers in the automobile production design, development, testing and deployment of automatic driving vehicle must follow these 15 "safety evaluation", relates to the vehicle operation mode and location, vehicle sensing and response function, system failure of the vehicle response ability, data recording and information sharing ability, user privacy, hacker attacks, the ability after the accident vehicle automatic driving function recovery, the time of the accident to protect the car passenger capacity and vehicle user education and training requirements, the vehicle handling conflict when ethical considerations. U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony · Fawkes said at a news conference that day, this policy document is intended for a new traffic emerging technology to establish a safety culture ", this is the first self driving car federal policy documents, but also the world’s most comprehensive self driving cars nationwide regulation, we will let" for driverless cars from old cars". At the same time, this policy document will be evaluated every year to adapt to the new changes. Fawkes said: "the vitality of fully automated vehicles is to manipulate the vehicle software. This is what we want to regulate when the software is running the car." But he also stressed that driverless is still an emerging industry, the government hopes to work with car manufacturers and technology companies, rather than limiting their development. Department of transportation said that the future of the United States on the相关的主题文章: