During the National Day in Maoming investigated 40 cases of racing and arrested more than 80 people racing party learned from the Public Security Bureau of Guangdong Province, during the National Day holiday, the Guangdong police to ensure that the people to celebrate the festival, vice governor, public security minister Li Chunsheng attaches great importance to the province’s public security organs, held a video conference, mobilization and check the implementation of the work of the national security. The province’s public security organs on leadership adhere to the post office, is mainly responsible for the city and county public security organs LED inspection in-depth guide line of security work, supervise the implementation of compaction layers of responsibility. The police give up to reunite with their families, work day and night, continuous fighting, to maintain the social order and stability, for the people to celebrate the National Day holiday to create a good atmosphere. During the festival, the province’s public security organs closely combined with social security features and masses holiday travel rules, strengthen the scientific cloth police, invested nearly 150 thousand daily control power, strengthen the social security prevention and control and key parts. During the National Day travel for personnel, large-scale mass activities, vehicle traffic, public security risks and security risks of traffic accidents increased, the public security organs at all levels formulated by one security program, compaction responsibility to implement, strict on-site security, capacity, order, to ensure the safety of the large-scale activities held successfully. According to statistics, the safety of the 106 major festivals held around the country, more than 105 people to participate in key tourist attractions in good order. Zhuhai police have organized 3 centralized inventory operations to purify the city’s social security environment. Maoming police recently in racing criminal activities, deployed against regulation power of more than 2660 people, investigate alleged illegal activities of racing since 40, seized on suspicion of racing motorcycle more than and 50, arrested on suspicion of driving personnel more than 80 people. Shenzhen police for the holidays "tour pal" climbing lost increase, strengthen police and rescue work, the safe transfer were trapped in the mountains because of lost "tour pal" the 3 batch of more than and 300 people, by the majority of users praise and praise. During the national day, the province’s public security traffic police department has invested 88 thousand and 500 passengers, the traffic police and traffic wardens to adhere to work, dedication, take practical action to assume responsibility, ensure the smooth flow of road traffic, escort passengers to travel safely. The province’s public security fire department in-depth investigation and remediation of crowded places, flammable and explosive units fire hazards, strengthen fire fighting and emergency rescue preparedness, resolutely prevent and curb serious fire accidents. According to statistics, the province’s public security fire department were deployed during the festival of fire power of more than 22470 people, more than 4410 fire truck vehicles, rescue people trapped more than 140 people, rescue of property worth about 1000000 yuan. Police in Guangdong during the national day to vigorously carry out security propaganda work, through the media, radio, television subtitles, micro-blog, WeChat and SMS platform of public security and other new media platform, released timely transportation, large-scale activities and fire safety tips to remind the masses to travel, travel Caution!, serve the masses. (end) correspondent: Guangdong Public相关的主题文章: