Early autumn without clothes? The four item to tell you what to wear if it is some time ago, nearly 40 degree weather can only wear short sleeves or vest, then how collocation also take not what feeling! 25~30 C weather, one wearing a short sleeved or some chilly, especially at night, so a thin lightweight jacket is the first thing you want to income! The first coat: a thin coat, wearing a windbreaker not fall is very thin, thin coat, silk and linen fabrics are generally, this coat to wear not feel bored, but also to withstand the cool night air Yang Mi Baby autumn explosion again swept the resolution "all" wife preferred coat from clothing products: denim jacket and jeans the coat will never become obsolete, wearing a denim jacket last year can wear out, dirty style is very simple and convenient, denim jacket with a skirt is absolutely classic autumn collocation ~ do not know what to wear, just find a T-shirt can be very fashionable choice: Although the cooling jacket vest, but at noon or some small heat. A nice vest regardless of what is the collocation of single product, is definitely one of the most practical collocation in this weather! Of course, the most suitable for mass vest length is the length of the hip cover if you want a little handsome and Beckham wore a long paragraph ~ first coat: suit the weather is most suitable for vacuum suit, if you’re brave enough to try! Style does not have to be very complex, simple conventional models can be相关的主题文章: