.puters-and-Technology By now, most of us are familiar with the concept of an ebook reader. They are those cute handheld devices growing in fashion and number that make reading books so much more convenient. Ebook stands for electronic book, and what a lot of people do not know is that these ebooks .e in variety of formats, and are not all .patible with every ebook reader on the market. Some people do not like the idea of books being turned into another electronic form, due to possible eye strain. Moreover, where you may enjoy the actual story on the reader, you do loose that snuggled next to the fire feel and smell of an old library. However, if those factors are not the reason you read books, then you have nothing to loose by purchasing an ebook reader. Once you have made the decision to purchase an ebook reader, the next step is deciding which one is right for you. Many people believe that they are all the same, except in brand name, but this is not the case. There are a variety of ebook formats, including PDF, DRM’d MOBI, and Adobe EContent, and not all readers are .patible with each of these. Moreover, some readers have other functions included, besides simply opening an ebook. Another factor to take under consideration is the ease of changing pages. You want this function to be as hassle free as possible, since it is going to be something you will be doing a lot. Make sure that however you switch between pages is not going to interfere with your reading. For instance, can you use your thumb, do you have to enter in the next page, do you have to use the stylus? Everyone has different preferences, so try out the readers and see which you prefer. Also consider the screen size that is best for you. A small screen may seem fashionable to carry, but maybe a larger screen is easier for you too look at for long periods of time. Be sure that you can hold the reader at a .fortable level, and that you do not have to squint to read it. Generally, there will be zoom and font size options for your reader, check these out while your testing the devices. Finally, check out what kind of book variety is available for the device you are looking at. Some ebook readers have applications that allow you to rent books rather than purchasing each one. Other readers do not let you actually download the book to your device, which may cause problems with future access. Most importantly, make sure the type of books you want to read are available for the reader you are looking at. Some readers allow you to rent books, others allow you to download them onto your device, and others you only have limited access to. Take the time to research your options and pick the ebook reader that is right for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: