Effect of Typhoon Megi of Guangdong over the next 3 days is still moderate Guangdong Nanfang Daily News (reporter Xie Qingyu) reporters today learned from the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the direct impact of wind and rain catfish "in our province has basically ended, but by the" catfish "residual circulation and monsoon, the next three days, I have the sea and eastern counties rain locally heavy rain or rainstorm, the remaining large counties cloudy to cloudy with scattered showers, experts remind still need to do a" catfish "residual circulation in our province especially secondary disasters caused by heavy rainfall in northern mountainous counties and the defense. In September 29th 05, the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" in the center of Jiangxi province is located in Ruijin City, near the center of the largest wind 7 (15 m / sec). Expected, "catfish" will be the speed of 10-15 km north easterly direction, away from our province, the strength to continue to weaken, and the impact on our province has basically ended. According to the Guangdong meteorological disaster emergency plan, Guangdong Province, a major meteorological disaster emergency office on September 29, 2016 at 08 o’clock, lifting meteorological disasters (typhoons) level III emergency response. Monitoring shows that the 28 day to 29 days morning, by the "catfish" influence, Meizhou, Chaozhou appeared heavy rain locally heavy rain, Shantou, Jieyang and Heyuan have moderate to heavy rain, the rest of the cities and counties sunny to cloudy. 28, 2009, at 08 to 29, when the province’s total of 10 weather stations recorded a large diameter of 100 mm ~250 mm heavy rain, there are a total of 52 weather stations recorded a 50 mm ~100 mm heavy rain, there are 104 meteorological stations recorded a 25 mm ~50 mm heavy rain. In addition, the 27 day to the 28 day, Guangdong counties and the eastern sea appeared 7 ~9 winds, the phoenix town of Chaozhou Chaoan recorded the largest wind speed of 26.2 meters (10), Yang Zhen Meizhou Yan Meixian recorded 25 meters (level 10). On the morning of 29, affected by the cold air and precipitation, North Central counties minimum temperature dropped 4~6 degrees, down 2 degrees around the rest of the cities and counties. The provincial meteorological observatory is expected 30 days, Meizhou and the eastern counties have moderate to locally heavy rain or heavy rain, most of the rest of the cities and counties cloudy to cloudy with showers. In October 1st, the eastern coastal cities and counties with showers, the rest of the cities and counties cloudy, local showers. 2, most of the main cities and counties cloudy, including the east coast of the Pearl River Estuary have small showers. Guangzhou city 30, cloudy to cloudy, with showers, 20~28 degrees C; October 1st: cloudy to cloudy, with showers, 22~30 DEG C; 2: cloudy, with showers, 24~32 C.相关的主题文章: