Epic reproduction "magic throne" mythological figures out as everyone knows, Jay Chou endorsement by the "magic throne", is a main style of Western magic magic 3D double end games, in this game, a collection of many classic characters from the Western myth. So, in the game, these mythological figures have what kind of image set, and how to bear the blame? The "magic throne" website > > > a "magic throne": the "magic throne" is a journey network in 2016 launched a new web page and micro end 3D based role playing game (RPG), endorsement by Jay Chou. As a line with oriental aesthetic Western Fantasy online games, "magic throne" and original incarnations wing flight two features – three occupation carry turned powerful mythical, open free flying wing system to leap the battlefield, let the game player in the taste of pure magic Theme Charm at the same time, but also can enjoy the unique gaming experience hitherto unknown! On the journey to the West: Journey to the West Chinese network is currently the most influential web game operating platform. In addition to the Jay Chou endorsement 3D Western Fantasy gaming giant "magic throne", also owns a national goddess Angelababy only endorsement, issued from 2015 ARPG magic theme has continued unpopular masterpiece "God of war", as well as by hardcore Kung Fu Star Donnie Yen endorsement of the famous 3D martial arts online "battle martial arts" at the same time, the newest and most fun cool many types of web games such as a snare, "master" "West" dominated the Kyushu "I am the master" "sword rain" Juexue "rivers and lakes" human resource "are the" and so on. More games skills, massive benefits, as in the west, waiting for you to find! The "magic throne" website > > >相关的主题文章: