excess capacity; thermal power enterprise closures struck — energy — people.com.cn Beijing daily news (reporter Fang Binnan Li Zhenxing) following the steel, coal enterprises due to overcapacity embarrassment, thermal power enterprises in the next few years or will usher in the same problem. China Guodian Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Guodian) chief economist Zhang Shumin participate in the China top 500 Enterprise Summit Forum, said that Guodian will also face the problem of workers placement. Zhang Shumin said that small power plants, environmental non-compliance of the power plant, does not require the government to shut down their own hard to run, facing bankruptcy. State power is also facing the processing of zombie companies, the collapse of the tide and the attendant placement problem. Zhang Shumin explained that the current total installed capacity of about 1 billion 500 million kilowatts of thermal power in the country, accounted for more than 900 million, to about 2000000000 tons of coal per year, resulting in a large number of waste residue, waste gas and a series of problem of environmental pollution and destruction. In recent years, in some European countries, such as Germany, new energy has completely replaced the traditional energy, traditional energy is bound to decline". Thermal power enterprises have begun to encounter difficulties. According to CEC 2015 power industry statistics express statistics, the country and more than 6000 kilowatts of power generation equipment, the average utilization hours continue to decline, in 2015 the national average utilization hours of power generation equipment for 3969 hours, down 349 hours, is the lowest level since 1978. In contrast, by the end of 2015, the national renewable energy installed capacity of 480 million kilowatts, the proportion of total generating capacity of more than 20%. Due to weak demand for electricity, large power generation groups have declined. Huaneng Group in the first half of the year generating capacity of 288 billion 700 million kwh, down 5.9%; complete the first half of Datang Group on the generating capacity of 225 billion 481 million kwh, down 4.11%; complete the first half of the Huadian Group on the generating capacity of 226 billion 300 million kwh, down 1.54%; Guodian 1-5 month end into electricity 194 billion 400 million kwh, down 2.01%. A direct result of the decline in electricity generation is the decline in profits. 2015 1-5 months, five major coal power generation group profit fell by 46.2%. Guodian said that the power generation industry is facing a historic inflection point, is in the growth rate shift, structural adjustment and management of the development of the transition period of three superimposed special historical stage. Zhang Shumin introduces, at present the total electric power generation capacity has reached about 130 million kilowatts, of which wind power installed capacity of nearly 24 million kilowatts, the first in the world, and the current China wind power installed capacity is about 130 million kilowatts. Guodian must vigorously develop new energy sources, as far as possible to divert people to new energy. The proportion of low carbon clean energy installed capacity of large power generation groups has increased steadily. At the end of June, the national power investment in clean energy installed capacity accounted for 41.69%. Guodian clean energy installed capacity reached 29.8%. Huaneng clean energy installed capacity reached 28.9%. Some experts estimate that in 2020, China’s thermal power production capacity will be 400 million相关的主题文章: